Becky Myers

Becky Myers

Freelance writer with interest in art and culture. Currently finishing an MA in Contemporary Communication from College of Notre Dame Maryland with plans to pursue a PhD in Comparative Literature from Old Dominion University. I am also a navy wife expecting my first baby Jan 26, 2011!

I served 4 years in the U.S. Navy in Italy and Virginia. I'm originally from Dallas, TX. I now live with my husband in Daytona Beach, Florida with the sunshine.
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MA Contemporary Communication (May 2011) College of Notre Dame MD, BA English & Journalism (2008), University of MD



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  • Why to Invest in Green Energy Stocks
    The best time to invest in alternative energy stocks is now according to the massive growth forecasted by the EIA. Essentially costs are falling for alternative energy sources allowing the market culture to make healthy gains with energy stocks.
  • Advantages of Private Equity Financing
    Private equity financing allows businesses to tap sources of funds beyond the bank. The money is invested in a privately owned business structured similarly to equity partners where the investor takes an equity position in the company itself.
  • Things to Do in Kota Kinabalu
    The tropical rainforests of Kota Kinabalu offer several attractions just minutes from the city center. Kota Kinabalu city offers adventuresome hikes, island hopping, orangutan encounters and visits to floating mosques.
  • How Consignment Shops Boost Wardrobe and Shopping Experience
    Consignment shops now provide prime shopping experiences while offering unique and creative styles to plan your wardrobe. The open hunt for clothing bargains will psychologically trick any shopper out of a rut, taking one to the next level of fashion.
  • Questions for the Mysterious Men with Ponytails
    Mens grooming is a mystery. Men with ponytails and long hair is an even larger mystery. The stereotype of men with ponytails has diminished. It's hard to tell if these men are lazy hippies or metro sexuals finding new reasons to use womens hair products.
  • Ladies Day at Xpress Lube
    Xpress Lube and Jiffy Lube now have Ladies Day Specials for oil changes. Some Ladies Days offer free manicures and Brazilian bikini waxes. Xpress Lube and Jiffy lube has joined the auto industry, finding another way to inject sexism into American culture
  • Milan Kundera and the Joke-Body and Soul
    Milan Kundera's The Joke confuses eroticism with rape and sex with love. The communist Czech Republic saturates the romances between the characters as they search for the meaning between body and soul in a totalitarian state of mind.
  • Bust Out the Broom, Your Aura is Filthy
    Pranic healing claims to not only sweep your aura clean, but also balance your chakras and harmonize your personal energy field. Unfortunately, pranas appear more like experimental holistic health fanatics rather than true aura cleansers.
  • Daytona Beach Baby Expo Pokes at "Green Babies"
    Cloth diapers, eco-diaper bags, recycled genetics. Green baby culture has joined the commercialized ranks of trendiness. Daytona Beach Baby Expo questions the environmental nature of parenthood, creating serious concerns for our children's future.
  • Turning Goodwill into Good Art
    The vinyl records, retro magazines and dusty electronics of Goodwill thrift stores inspire art. Not only are thrift stores gold mines for found art, they reflect the evolution of the human condition. Thrift stores inspire art beyond your imagination.
  • A Simply Delicious Breakfast- Cocoa Beach, Florida
    Simply Delicious Cafe Bakery in Cocoa Beach, Florida, provides the ultimate breakfast experience. A casual chic atmosphere offering homemade breads,cupcakes begging to kiss your lips,stuffed french toast fending off evil weight watcher thoughts.
  • Flagler Avenue Art Walk in New Smyrna Beach, Florida
    Flagler Ave Art Walk of New Smyrna Beach is dotted with Jonah's Cats Art Gallery, Galleria Di Vetro, Sei Swim Boutique, Silly Willies Pet Boutique and designs from Sue Who. Artwork creates a medium of expression through consumer culture and postmodernism
  • How to Convince Your Husband to Play Less XBOX/PS3
    Reverse psychology tricks to kick husbands addictive gaming habits. Steps for those who have already tried sex, comfort, food and money. 1)Never complain or condone the system 2)Ask if you can play with him 3)Find others who are more addicted than him

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