Lyn Vaccaro

Lyn Vaccaro

I am a mother of eight with a background in health and wellness, focusing on fertility enhancement, mostly for women of advanced maternal age. I owned and operated my own retail health food store for a number of years before starting my family.

I enjoy a raw food diet and lifestyle and am enjoying the healthy benefits of that type of living. I also have a website called Whole Picture Health where all of these topics are enthusiastically discussed in my many Yahoo! articles.

I also enjoy employment at Outpost Natural Foods in Milwaukee Wisconsin working within many aspects of their food preparation and deli.

I am available for nutritional consultation through my website @ for all of your nutritional needs.
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high school and alternative health classes spanning over 20 years to present


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Whole Picture Health

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  • Summer Backyard Science Experiments
    Some of these backyard science projects have helped me occupy my kids for an afternoon of fun, while having an educational slant.
  • Fun Summer Math Lessons
    A few summer math ideas to keep kids counting and occupied.
  • Encouraging Summer Reading
    A summary of some ideas I've used to keep summer reading alive.
  • Summer Volunteer Activities for Kids
    I plan to keep our kids occupied this summer with volunteering. Here's some of my volunteer ideas a friend of mine uses and will include us in this summer.
  • End of the Year Gifts for Teachers
    I've had my share of end of the school year celebrations. Here's a summary of some well received end of the year teacher's gifts I thought were big hits.
  • Good Role Models for Daughters
    Here are some of my strategies for creating healthy, productive daughters as adults. With my oldest daughter graduating college with a journalism degree next year, I felt as though some of my role modeling worked.
  • Tips for Raising Boys
    After raising 6 girls, I needed some pointers on my 2 new boys once finding myself pregnant with them. These children are numbers 7 and 8 of my entire group of 8 kids. My friends with boys suggested some of these tips which I still use today.
  • Ways to Save Money on College
    Becoming aware of the various ways to pay for college without breaking the bank are an important part of preparing you and your child for a new educational experience.
  • Cheap Family Vacation Ideas
    I've had some of my best vacations with my family on inexpensive trips involving camping and cabins.
  • Kid Friendly Dog Breeds
    Here's some of my suggestions for a great family dog, as well as a few of my friends.
  • Anxiety Busters for Kids
    I've found these stress and anxiety busters great for keeping my kids anxiety free during stressful school related activities.
  • Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms
    No one can find a shortcut like moms can right? Here's a few of my own which work well for me.
  • Alternatives to College
    College isn't for everyone. Three of my oldest girls are college age, however one has opted out of college. Here are some of the alternatives to college that I'm finding she's good at and enjoys.
  • Best Birthday Gifts for Teens
    You'll never lose when trying to make your teen happy for his/her birthday, with these great top birthday gifts for teens. At least that has been my experience in my large family of teens.
  • Secondary Infertility and Advanced Maternal Age
    My personal struggle with secondary infertility as it presented itself in multiple miscarriages due to advanced maternal age, after giving birth six times.
  • After Prom Party Ideas
    Here's a number of ways myself and a friend plan to keep our kids safe this prom season.
  • Lose Weight With the Paleo Diet
    I dreaded taking off the five pound weight gain from the winter months. However, with disciplined adherence to the Paleo Diet, it came off in a month.
  • Working Mom Issues: Planning for Hectic Days
    Here's a few of my own strategies for pulling off a hectic work/school day with grace..if there is such a thing as a working mom!
  • Spring Cleaning in One Day
    My way to pull off spring cleaning in one day involves getting the entire family involved. A few of my ideas follow.
  • Redecorating on a Budget
    In my family of eight kids, time and money frequently run short. Here are some cheap decorating tips I've used over the years, which are now being used by my oldest daughter.
  • Fun, Cheap Family Fitness Ideas
    A summary of my favorite ways to keep my family in shape, and busy, inexpensively.
  • Fun Birthday Party Themes for Young Kids
    A summary of fun party theme highlights I've had at my house over 22 years of parenting.
  • Ways to Introduce Kids to Nuts
    Here's a few ways I've used to introduce and use nuts for my very young kids. However, my older ones still like nuts this way too.
  • Ways to Avoid Thinking About Work During Family Time
    A summary of my personal arsenal of ways to avoid too much intrusion from work related thoughts, while engaged in family time.
  • Finding Time for Yourself as a Busy Mom
    You have to take time for yourself when you're taking care of everyone else. It fuels and renews your sense of well being. Here are some ways I've done that.
  • Family Birthday Traditions for Kids
    A summary of some of the fun ways I've amped up my birthday celebrations for the kids and young adults at my house.
  • Quick Ways to Fake a Clean House
    We've all tried to whip the house into shape dozens of times. Here are some of old stand-bys in this regard.
  • Healthy Family Breakfast Ideas
    It's always a challenge to make healthy breakfasts during the week when the only pace you can use is fast. Hopefully these healthy family breakfast ideas help.
  • Juicing for Kids
    As a veteran mom of 8 and raw food juicer a, it's fair to say I've spent enough time attempting to make raw juice taste kid friendly. I think the following ways to do that are effective for almost any hard to please kid.
  • Managing Your Teen's Food Allergies
    Helping food sensitive teens work their way around the gluten free, dairy free maze has become part of my mom career. Keeping them educated and comfortable will keep them reaction free.
  • Best Meat Cuts for Slow Cookers
    22 years as a busy mom has given me some insight on the best meat to be used for my favorite slow cooker meals.
  • Slow Cooker Meal Ideas for Families
    If your family is like mine, it's all kinds of busy. Here are some of my most treasured slow cooker meal ideas that keep my family fed through busy days.
  • Breakfast for Homeless Veterans --"Love in Action"
    If you need to regain your faith in humanity, come on down to St. John the Evangelist Lutheran church to get a good dose of it. Witness the outpouring of "love in action" provided with food, music, clothing and a raw juice bar.
  • Healthy Snacks for Busy Moms
    Sometimes just getting a bite of something to eat is a challenge. This leads to low blood sugar levels that create more problems. Here's how I eat well in a hurry while I take care of my family and myself.
  • Low Fat Sandwiches for Kids
    There is no reason to cut out your kid's sandwiches when you're thinking of busting fat content for them. I use these low fat ways to slim down my kids' sandwiches. The kids eat them without complaints.
  • Benefits of Diet Based Dating
    Here's a summary of my positive experiences and benefits of dating someone with the same diet and lifestyle as me.
  • Safety Tips for Wild Food Foraging
    A recent class I took where I'm employed has given me a new interest in wild food, how to search for it, and safely eat it.
  • Reducing Your Kitchen Cookprint
    A summary of methods I use to keep my kitchen green by minimizing my "cookprint".
  • First Person: Wisconsin's Severe Cold Hits Pocketbook Hard
    I like time off, but I really need to be working and earning a living...the cold won't let me.
  • Maintaining Cast Iron Cookware
    A summary of the ways I've used to clean and maintain our families sustainable cast iron cookware.
  • Meatless Snack Ideas for Vegetarian Kids
    Four vegetarian daughters have forced me to think of some healthy vegetarian snacks which I've come to rely upon regularly.
  • Workout Videos for Seniors
    When my parents were still around, I enjoyed exercising with them, including some of the videos listed here.
  • Ways to Get Paid for Family Caregiving
    I'm a 20 year caregiving veteran. I've cared for family and friends as well as outside clients. Here's some of the ways in which I've been paid for family caregiving.
  • Holiday Side Dishes
    Some great holiday side dishes to go with your holiday entree'.
  • Christmas Crafts for Small Kids
    Here's a few of my archived holiday crafts I've done over my career as a mom of 8.
  • Raising Teens With Financial Savvy
    Living frugally with my 8 kids has provided them with a living example for getting the most out of their money. Here I outline some of those strategies
  • Yoga Balance Exercises for Seniors Citizens
    My personal experience helping my senior parents, and my now senior self maintain good balance.
  • 10 Minute Vegetarian Meals
    A summary of some of my favorite quick vegetarian meals.
  • Christmas Crafts for Seniors Citizens
    A summary of my Christmas crafts and projects which I've engaged in with my senior mother.
  • Christmas Crafts for Kids
    Here's a summary of some new holiday craft ideas I stumbled upon at a recent coffee clutch with friends.
  • Senior Meals in 20 Minutes
    The more aged I become, the less I want to cook and clean. Especially when the kids aren't with me. Here's some healthy meals in 20 minutes which I find keep my prep time to minimum.
  • Ways to Stop After School Meltdowns
    A summary of some ideas to minimize after school tantrums and meltdowns.
  • Unique Ways to Prepare Turkey
    Here's some ways to prepare turkey I'll be considering this Thanksgiving. They include vegetarian but includes those ideas for meat eaters.
  • Spending Holidays with Your Ex
    My first few holidays during and after the divorce were unfamiliar. Now a new holiday celebration will be on tap this year for my newly divorced family. One in which my ex and I will be celebrating Christmas at his house...just like the old days.
  • Ending Homework Hassle
    A summary of some strategies I use to engage my children's thought process, in helping them to answer their own questions when doing homework. Includes other ideas as well.
  • Is Attachment Parenting Good for Your Family?
    I knew attachment parenting was right for me straight away. Although, it's not for everyone.
  • Dealing with Your Child's School
    With all 8 of my kids currently in school, I've learned to sift through school situations to direct my focus well, and pick my issues with school staff appropriately.
  • Family Activities for Thanksgiving
    A summary of some fun family activities for all ages during the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Fund Raising Ideas for School
    I've had kids in school for the last 15 years. Here's some tried and true ways to raise money for your school in creative, fun ways.
  • Stress Busters for Busy Moms
    If mom's not happy...the household suffers. Make yourself happy with some of these stress busting activities to boost your attitude.
  • Tips for Boosting Bad Grades
    I've recently implemented these ways to help a couple of my kids improve their grades. They proved to be very helpful and would recommend these as a result of the positive results I encountered.
  • How to Prevent Running Injuries
    Those who are committed runners will benefit from a few tips on preventing running injuries here.
  • Meals Under Ten Dollars
    Here's a few of my favorite cheap, nutritious meals I fall back on when attempting to keep my budget in check with my large family.
  • Single Parenting and Earning Extra Money
    I've shared some ways in which myself, or friends of mine have gone about being single parents while bringing home the bacon.
  • Single Parenting and Thanksgiving Traditions
    I've put some thought into combining my single parenthood Thanksgiving traditions and my married Thanksgiving traditions...some of these are included here.
  • Box Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids
    Here's some practical ideas for birthday cakes I've done, that have been fun, interesting, and inexpensive too!
  • Getting Involved at School
    Here's some ways I've found to stay involved at school while being a working parent.
  • Improve Sexual Function as a Senior
    Seniors and sex usually aren't thought of in combination. However, with a healthy lifestyle you can maintain a satisfying sexual side through your senior years.
  • Staying Healthy as a Senior
    Some ways in which I maintain a good lifestyle as I edge toward my senior years.
  • Single Parenting and Saving Money
    Single parenting urges me to feel the need to be as careful as I can with the money I make. Here's some ways I do that.
  • Ways to Avoid Over-Parenting
    Over-parenting is easy to do, but sometimes a simple change your interaction with the kids can create more independence for them as individuals.
  • Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy
    I've found a few ways to close out the Halloween season with some ideas for leftover Halloween's a few.
  • Ideas for Green School Lunches
    I'll always find a way to squeeze more out of my earnings. Here's some of the ways I do it with green school lunch ideas.
  • Reducing Sugar for Kids
    For my families well being, I've had to curb sugar in a variety of the following ways.
  • Boosting Brain Power with Learning Strategies for Kids
    Sometimes some stragetic guidance from us as parents, can help our kids achieve their educational goals.
  • Tips for Photographing Seniors
    If you're looking for ways to make photos of the seniors in your family come alive, here's some of the guidelines I use for great shots.
  • Tips for Boosting Memory
    Here's some ways in which I maintain a better memory as suggested by my doctor.
  • Homework Strategies for Parents and Kids
    This is a summary of a few of my fresh ideas for this school year's homework routine.
  • Alternative Wellness Approaches for Healthy Child Development
    Your kids can benefit from alternative wellness methods as much as you can. Here's some of my own natural ways to facilitate healthy child development.
  • Fall Activities for Seniors
    Fall brings some great opportunities for seniors to get out and enjoy the weather as well as participating in new creative activities. Some of these were my senior parent's favorites.
  • Winter Comfort Food Ideas
    Some suggestions I'll be using over the winter to keep my kids feeling comforted and full!
  • Ordinary Ways to Lose Weight
    Bet you didn't think you'd lose weight by eating, but simple, planned snacks and meals make it possible.
  • Baking Corn Free
    I'm not sure, but I may be dealing with corn allergies on top of my gluten intolerance. Here's some of the alternates I use while baking until I can determine if corn intolerance is indeed my problem.
  • Tips for Teens with Food Allergies
    Without the proper knowledge already in place, food allergies can suddenly cause lots of trouble. Here are some good ways to avoid an allergic reaction when dealing with teens and their food allergies.
  • Ways to Use Peppermint
    Peppermint is a great medicinal compound for uses other than just it's unique flavor. Here's some less common things I use it for.
  • Simple Decorating with Color
    Using bright colors in simple ways as room accents helped me create a vibrant environment inside my house. A few things I tried are listed here.
  • Signs of Being Bullied
    Here's some of the signs of bullying that presented themselves when my oldest son was facing bullys at school.
  • Sandwiches for Picky Eaters
    Some yummy sandwiches for picky eaters to enjoy!
  • Saving Money with More Ways to Be Sustainable
    My kids whining about taking extra steps to live sustainably got me thinking about more ways to do just that.
  • Alternative Flea Control
    I've had great luck with the following essential oils in getting rid of fleas.
  • Sustainable Ways to Do Dishes
    Here's some ways my family of 8 kids and I use to stretch our water usage
  • Toddler Boredom Busters
    Here's some of my tried and true winter time activities I used to frequently engage in with my young tots.
  • Entertaining Kids on an Airplane
    Some of my own solutions for air travel with kids are listed here. You can get it done with some forethought and a carry on bag.
  • On the Go Breakfast Ideas
    Eight kids equals crazy mornings. Try some of these ideas for breakfasts to go for morning chaos meals that keep kids fueled while they go.
  • Veggie Snacks for Kids
    Here's some snack ideas you don't have to feel guilty about giving your kids.
  • Toddler Lunch Ideas
    Give some of these healthy preschool lunch ideas a try when your thinking of noon meals for your toddler.
  • Natural Ways to Be Happy
    Keeping a good attitude can be just a shower away.
  • Snacks with No High Fructose Corn Syrup
    Here's a few ways I avoid HFCS with my kids.
  • Kid Friendly After School Snacks
    I've had good luck feeding all of these after school treats to my kids. Try them at your house.
  • Small Ways to Make a Relationship Work
    You don't have to spend oodles of time together to create a solid bond in your relationship. Make the most of what little time together you do have with some of these ideas.
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