Maria Malone

Maria Malone

A lifelong love of writing and photography and a Jersey Shore homeowner, Maria enjoys taking pictures of water views and sunsets. Incorporating their calming effects into much of her work, she hopes to offset the stress of a trying economy that has so many unemployed, and recent natural events such as Superstorm Sandy that is similarly affecting so many.
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Former English Major Glassboro State College; AA in General StudiesThomas Edison College; Paralegal Certificate.


Don t worry about the past; save for the future; live for the moment.


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  • Sailing
    The feeling of sailing is what this poem attempts to portray.
  • In Mid-Air
    A poem reflecting the power found in a breeze on a bright sunny day.
  • Bridge of the Future
    Understanding past worries helps form a bridge to future happiness (poetry).
  • Easy Low-Carb Brunch Recipes
    I grew up in an Italian family where my mother lovingly prepared frittata using simple ingredients for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even dinner. If you want to serve a delicious brunch without all of the carbs, try these easy frittata recipes.
  • In Full Bloom
    In Full Bloom is a reflective poem about thoughts on life and living.
  • Still
    A poem for anyone that has lost someone dear to them.
  • Calorie Counting - Something to Bank on for Weight Loss by Summer
    By counting calories, I keep track of what I am eating, to keep weight from accumulating, and not to overeat. It is good to know that calorie counting is something I can bank on.
  • Waiting for Spring
    Poem about waiting for Spring at the park in late February.
  • Why I Am Counting Calories to Lose Weight
    We all know that overeating or eating the wrong foods adds unwanted weight. Exercise helps but if you really want to shed unwanted pounds and incorporate a healthy eating lifestyle, you need to start looking at when and what you are eating.
  • I Learned How to Self-Publish My Own Books
    The hardest part about self-publishing is getting everything perfect. I found out it takes a lot of time and effort to constantly edit and proof your work in order to achieve this.
  • In Time
    Poem about living in the here and now.
  • No MO Snow
    It's February and more snow has fallen overnight in the Northeast for another slow start to the work week (poetry).
  • Harsh Snow Day
    Snowed in again is a harsh realty for many people this winter but an even harsher realty for so many others.
  • Vintage Valentine
    A heartfelt vintage sentiment for Valentine's Day.
  • Can You Think Yourself Thin?
    Diets fail and New Year's resolutions are usually forgotten after the first few months, but If you hold a thin image of yourself in your mind, even when your will power fails you, your mind will continue to strive to achieve your goals.
  • Memorable Moments
    Memorable moments are the highlights of our lives.
  • Magical Snow Scene
    Comparison of a snow scene to that found on a holiday card (poetry).
  • How a Thanksgiving Meal Planning Mistake Turned Out to Be a Holiday Time Saver in the End
    When the turkey had thawed and there was almost a week until Thanksgiving, I call the turkey hotline number for advice.
  • Creative Uses for Old Holiday Cards and Decorations
    Give new life to old decorations and cards and have fun creating next year's decorations this year.
  • Night Snow
    There is something magical about night snow scene.
  • How to Survive Your First Year as a Legal Assistant
    A legal assistant can be an exciting yet often hectic career path. Here are some useful tips to help the newcomer survive working in this fast paced, detail oriented environment.
  • My Heart's Desire
    Compilation of favorite lines from previously submitted poems to form 'My Heart's Desire.'
  • Season of Thanksgiving
    Poem for Thanksgiving.
  • Beauty Dawning
    Sometimes beauty hits us in when we are not looking to see it. In this reflective poem, beauty is seen in the frailest tree in fall.
  • Carry On
    Inspirational poem with a message to keep going through the tough times.
  • Rainy Day
    Some days are going to be rainy and gray and nothing can change that.
  • Awake
    In darkest nigh, slumber releases....Fall right back or get up and go.
  • The Egret Tree
    Wouldn't it be nice to place regrets in a tree like the egret tree I came across today.
  • In Train View
    Creative view of train travel as a way of life and one form of travel that has been around for a long time.
  • In the Shadows
    What do you see in the dark?
  • While Butterflies Dance
    Reflective poem I wrote after observing butterflies in the park on a hot summer day.
  • Gentle Breezes
    What is it about an endless summer sky that captivates us.....(poetry)
  • Severe Storms the New Norm for New Jersey?
    The weather forecast has predicted severe storms in New Jersey lately. As a New Jersey resident I am beginning to accept hearing severe weather in the forecast as normal as rush hour traffic jams and bottleneck traffic on the way to and from the shore.
  • Stormy Night
    Recent storms in the northeast prompted me to write this poem about late night thunder storms.
  • Forever in Spring
    Poetry depicting Springtime as lovely maidens, lithesome and frail.
  • Build a New Wardrobe in Time for Summer with These Simple Inexpensive Tips
    Wanting to revamp my wardrobe for a new job, I enhanced my basic wardrobe for a fresh fashion makeover in time for summer, all for under $200.
  • Spring Brings Hope
    Spring brings hope after a long Winter.
  • This Memorial Day I'll Be Remembering the Marines Who Served with My Dad During World War II
    It wasn't until after my dad died that I found out about his war experience through discharge papers and other related documents that I had been given.
  • Walking on the Road Today
    Walking on a sunny Spring day is uplifting after a long chilly winter.
  • Reflections of Times Gone By
    Looking at memories from old rediscovered photographs (Poetry).
  • Lavender
    Of all the Spring scents that come to mind, lavender is the one for me.
  • Downsizing Blues
    As a baby boomer it appears to me, I am not alone in thinking small, like so many my age....I have the downsizing blues (poetic humor)
  • The Aura
    Haiku about the aura seen on the setting sun.
  • Hidden Treasure
    The treasure found buried unnoticed under debris and sand......
  • Daylight Saving?
    When it is time to change the clock for daylight savings.... something is amiss (poem).
  • On Water's Edge
    While nature is harshest on the water's edge, what is it that draws people to return there (poetry).
  • Mediterranean Diet Friendly Restaurants in the South Jersey Area
    You can make healthy choices eating out in South Jersey while following a Mediterranean Diet.
  • Writing Paper
    Poem about turning feelings into words, expressed onto blank paper.
  • In Another World
    Sometimes what we need is another world (whether real or imagined) to take us away from it all.
  • First person: Refinancing to buy a vacation home with friends
    Owning a shore home had been a dream of ours for as long as I can remember. We don't regret our decision for a moment to refinance to help us purchase our Jersey shore home.
  • Why the Mediterranean Diet Was Easy for Me
    I first heard about the Mediterranean diet after reading a book that my friend lent me a few years ago. It made a lot of sense and I decided to give it a try.
  • Wonder
    A poem about having the ability to see every moment anew with wonder.
  • My Second Year of Writing and Publishing Online
    After reading an article in a magazine over two years ago about how to publish articles online at home, I understand the value of what writers contribute to their readers.
  • Ocean Sounds
    Ocean sounds and sand beach to play upon is something we could all use about now (poetry).
  • Matters of the Heart
    A thoughtless word or two weighs heavily on the mind.....(poetry)
  • Believe
    When vivid dreams return like a boomerang back to its origination (poetry).
  • Twilight's Passage
    Twilight transitions a day into night (Poetry)
  • New Year's Resolution for 2013: Find Fun Places in Philadelphia/South Jersey
    If you have children or grandchildren under the age of seven and are looking for some really special outings geared for little ones, you are in for a pleasant surprise with these four fun places in Philadelphia/South Jersey.
  • Are You a Collector or a Closet Hoarder?
    Once you understand why you are holding on to things, it becomes easier to decide when to let go of them. "Will anyone want this item after I am gone?" If the answer is no or probably not, it is time.....
  • Set Free
    Reflection of hope at day's end set in a free verse poetry to a photo image.
  • Employment Opportunities If You Are Over 50
    Do employment opportunities exist if you are over fifty.... how can I get the job? Try these tips to give yourself an edge in today's job market.
  • Lay Me Down Gently
    Job security seems a thing of the past.....Layoffs just around the corner. Lay me down gently, I pray......Among the Unemployed (Poetry)
  • Christmas Songs
    Reminiscing to lyrics that flow from Christmas's ago....Christmas poem
  • Christmas Lights
    Christmas lights extending cheer to share with neighbors, dear friends, and family this year (Poetry).
  • Restoring the Shore
    Poem about restoring the shore after the devastation from Hurricane Sandy.
  • Autumn's Demise
    Poetry depicting summer's lingering trance to autumn's demise into winter.
  • What Nature Brings
    During a natural disaster, people come together showing their true nature (haiku).
  • To Love Another
    There is always hope for love.......a reflective poem.
  • First Person: After Sandy Subsides, Back to Our Coastal New Jersey Home
    After the flooding subsided we were able to return to our coastal home in New Jersey to assess the damages.
  • Flooding in New Jersey Before Hurricane Sandy Touches Down
    The full moon has caused flooding in coastal towns along New Jersey before Hurricane Sandy hits.
  • Friends Are There
    Find comfort in knowing friends are there (poetry).
  • Faith (Haiku)
    Reflective haiku about having faith everyday.
  • Summer Storms - Remember These?
    These pictures capture a late August storm that came out of nowhere.....
  • Dove on My Windowsill
    A reflective poem about the difficulties encountered when changing any aspect of your life.
  • Shelter from the Storm
    There on the marsh to find shelter on the harshest nigh....we stumbled upon .
  • Grand Aunt
    A poem to honor a gand lady who is in her 95th year and an inspiration to many.
  • Immersed in Autumn’s Tapestry
    A poem depicting a glorious Autumn day and it's lasting effects.
  • Change Comes in on Autumn Air
    Seasons turn a page on life's oldest stage, exiting summer, welcomes the fall....
  • Autumn's Rumble
    September slides in imitating summer......
  • Train Booking Worries
    As I spoke to the ticketing agent, an old fear crept into my mind as I realized I would be traveling through New York City around 9:30 a.m on 9/11....
  • Sunset
    Check the times for sunset while you are away on vacation. The best vacations should include beautiful sunset pictures for a truly memorable vacation experience.
  • With Every Breath
    "I want a new car, I want to be rich, I want her to be nice, I want him to behave, I want a better job, I want, I want, I want......." A poem about loosing the "I wants" to fully immersing yourself with every breath in the moments of your life.
  • The Calming Effect
    When the night sky produces a calming effect, the image is long lasting.
  • Sleep on It
    Reflective poetry on making choices after you sleep on it.
  • Wistful Sky
    What you see in the late day sky could help brighten your outlook for tomorrow.
  • Unprepared in New Jersey When Eastern Seaboard Storm Hit
    I kept wondering why there hadn’t been any warning to this storm. Last year during Hurricane Irene there were warnings and evacuations long before the storm was due to hit. This was such a scary storm not to have any warning.
  • Reality Check
    An inspirational poem to help keep your focus through faith.
  • Fourth of July Pride
    Endurance is key to the pride we feel as Americans coming together to celebrate our nation's independence day on the Fourth of July.
  • My Three Hour Wait for MegaBus
    After an hour we were still at the bus stop and now the rain was so heavy that we had to run across the street to take cover under an awning. While buses were pulling in and out, we were told that our bus was late due to the weather.
  • How to Look at Clouds
    Morning through night, the way you see clouds can help improve your view on life...... it is all in the way you look at it.
  • Destination Train
    If you travel by train, this poem is for you. If you have never traveled by train, this poem reflects an unforgettable experience you won't want to miss!
  • Cascading Sounds of Nature
    Today there are many different products on the market that produce relaxing water sounds, but the best place to find relaxing water sounds can be found in nature for free.
  • Summer's Message
    A poem to reflect the arrival of summer and how it impacts our lives for the better.
  • Was I Born Depressed?
    I always believed that I was born prone to depression but I wanted to live my life and somehow learn to deal with my feelings without medication.
  • There is Much to Celebrate
    There is much to celebrate on Father's Day for a loving father who is always there.
  • Reflection's Promise
    That which is reflected will return to you, it is true.....
  • Fascination with Words
    When finding the perfect word to use in your writing becomes your fascination......
  • A Poem for Mother on Mother’s Day
    Celebrate mom in a poem for Mother's Day this year.
  • To Live an Affable Life
    Discern freedom from strife; to live airy and light is your immanent right.
  • How Facebook Helped Me Find My Ancestral Roots
    A trip to Ellis Island brought precious meaning to me of what it was like for my ancestors to come to this country but I never imaged that Facebook would actually help me to connect to my ancestral roots.
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