Caralell Gibson

Caralell Gibson

Insatiable curiosity spearheads many endeavors, including occupational pursuits for Carallel Gibson. She advocates for literacy by volunteering in a community, donation-based bookstore. Carol enjoys research and learning something new every day.

Her motivation for writing and publishing on the internet is that of sharing the potpourri of random interests and insights, and hoping others find something of note that may be helpful.

A special interest in moon sign astrology emerged after long term empirical observation approached with skepticism. Tested through gardening activities as a novice gardener, the success showed up by outproducing the more experienced gardeners. The moon sign gardening experience evolved into observation of the general emotional climate observed in daily life.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Carol believes that the best art is art that heals. Carl Jung s work with mandala symbolism is a very special interest that helps to integrate the many sides of her multifaceted life.

Carol has a certification in electronics and robotics from the National Institute of Technology.
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