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  • Guide to Virginia Vineyards and Winerys
    Virginia's wineries are an excellent places to visit if one has any sort of historical or cultural inclination. The eloquent atmosphere of is perfect for a romantic outing or a tasteful getaway.
  • Why the Nintendo 64 is My Favorite Video Game System
    The Nintendo 64 remains my favorite console due to its vast library of original titles and the many memories found from late night gaming sessions as a child.
  • Cartoon Controversy of 'South Park'
    There's no doubt that “South Park” has received a lot of attention for it's controversial nature. “South Park” makes no bones about emphasizing its opinion on anything from religion, politics to celebrity culture.
  • You Don't Know Jack! Fun Facts About Jack Nicholson
    Nicholson has longed been praised for his unique acting abilities. He often plays characters who are plagued with surreal, dramatic and comedic mental instabilities which give any movie he's in an unmistakable charm.
  • Holiday Decorating Ideas
    There are an overabundance of methods in which a celebration minded home owner may decorate their home and this simple guide serves to help those who are out of some much needed Christmas spirit develop a few creative ideas for use around their home.
  • Frenzied Frosty the Snowman Brawls with Police
    The officers claim Kevin kicked the dog and when they proceeded to arrest Mr. Walsh, he went down kicking and screaming. He took off his frosty helmet and tossed it at one of the officers, screaming that the officers had no right to arrest him.
  • Local Black Friday Photos
    Though this year I did not camp outside of any store or participate in any late night / early morning madness I did scope out a few stores and much to my amusement, lines were wrapped around buildings.
  • Passing Politics at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table
    I consider myself an independent and in the midst of discreet verbal warfare between the liberal and conservative portions of my family, I always seem to be the volatile catalyst who turns a mindful discussion into an explosive argument.
  • Top Three Holiday Events in the Hampton Roads Area
    This guide was written with the intention of shining a focused holiday light on some of the more prestigious and popular Christmas celebrations found throughout the Hampton Roads area, written in no particular order.
  • Is This the End of the Internet as We Know It?
    Like something out of a George Orwell novel, the SOPA would give measures for internet service providers to actively and routinely monitor internet customers for copyright infringement on an individual basis.
  • Unliscensed Transgendered Cosmetic Surgeon Finds New Use for Fix-a-flat
    Leaning more towards experimentation than an actual medical procedure, the subject was injected in the buttock region with a strange combination of industrial construction and automotive repair materials. Among the ingredients were concrete and tire seala
  • Occupy Movement Reaches Critical Mass
    For the past few months a movement known as Occupy Wall Street has gained surprising momentum across America. Hundreds of activists assembled and have remained in New York City's Zuccotti Park, speaking out against social and economic inequality.
  • Man Believes He is Jesus, Shoots White House
    A man clothed in all black who believes he is Christ incarnate fired shots at the White House from a vehicle that was parked nearby.
  • Alo Amu Tem Den
    "Seems lately I've been totally awake sleeping softly eyes wide, waiting always on the verge of breaking;"
  • Life
    "Some die early of cardiac arrest while others are taken with little left than an example of life's preciousness."
  • Desire
    "at first it's fun to be a victim until the gears start turning the system and you're left with little more than wisdom"
  • Pale Moon
    "Laying in tall grass like a lion is a scary cat on the low, spying trying to rip another of a piece of Zion,"
  • Confinement
    "Staring into the morning sun, i'm wondering if ill make it to heaven or make my living brandishing weapons"
  • Positive Infection
    "What I once neglected, suddenly I respect Where no love was, was redirected into a feeling of positive infection."
  • Deaf
    A poem about self denial.
  • More Birds Die
    Though no hard, empirical data have been collected yet, the world continues to wonder why there are bird carcasses littering cities around the globe.
  • Real-Life Matrix Planned
    Scientists have unveiled plans to create a "Living Earth Simulator" (or LES) that will seek to accomplish the goal of predicting the actions and outcomes of whole societies.
  • Man to Marry Plastic Christmas Tree
    A resident of the United Kingdom, a Mr. Andy Parks, has expressed his wishes to wed his plastic Christmas tree. Andy plans to marry the holiday decoration because he is completely obsessed with all things relating to the season.
  • Mysterious Lights Over New Zealand
    Strange "orangey and reddish lights" were witnessed in the skies of New Zealand in the cities of Napier, Taranaki and Christchurch. Reports were filed in these three separate locations, the first occurring over Taranaki at night on Sunday, Dec. 26, 2010.
  • Life of a Bouncer
    In Hampton Roads, Virginia there is a definite night life. Bars around the cities offer plenty of alcohol and with such a business comes a position, a necessary member of the team '" the Security.
  • Blizzard Chills the East Coast
    Snow continues to fall on the East Coast of the United States as arctic blasts rip through the entire nation, sending freezing rain and ice into the streets and snow-covered terrain.
  • How to Use Associated Content
    Associated Content is a free and easy way of earning money from the internet. I will help to explain exactly what this great website is and then go into details on how to use Associated Content, maximizing your experience with the website.
  • Bigfoot Found on East Coast!
    I was walking to my grandmothers, in the uptown streets of Newport News, Virginia. It was freezing cold and the brief whispers of icy blizzard wind smacked against me like a winter hurricane.
  • Snow in Hampton Roads
    What can we expect from the coming Winter season? With Christmas only days away and talks of extreme winter weather '" will Hampton Roads have it's first white Christmas in years?
  • Los Angles Lakers and Miami Heat Showdown at Christmas
    Overall the spirit of the game has flowed through the vibrations of all it's fans. The coming game will be one for the books.
  • Video Game Review: Kingdom of Loathing
    Kingdom of Loathing (or KoL) is a browser based online mmo. The game itself is highly satirical, with classes such as "Seal Clubber," "Turtle Tamer," "Disco Bandit" and "Pastamancer."
  • Lindsay Lohan Showdown
    The popular actor and singer, Lindsay Lohan was accused today of beating a nurse at her rehab center after the star and her friends came back drunk from a bar.
  • Video Game Review: Dwarf Fortress
    Dwarf Fortress is a game not many people have heard of, though it is a great game nonetheless. Released completely free (yes, you heard that right) by two brothers, Tarn Adams and Zack Adams, there is no reason not to play this hidden gem.
  • Video Game Review: EVE Online
    The advertisement displayed a glorious space battle with space lasers firing in every direction, beckoning me to partake of the raunchy space warfare.
  • Red Roses for Christmas
    While going to OfficeDepot this afternoon I met up with a man who was advertising a Christmas present, a beautiful picture of a rose.
  • The Top 5 Road Bikes of 2010
    Modern bikes have come a long way from their original design '" utilizing many special features that allow cyclists to most effectively tackle any type of terrain, from roads to hills to dirt to grass.
  • The Terror in Turing
    I stared at her, not believing her, but gently realizing that what had just happened might have been a stroke. I checked my body, ran some math in my head, did memory work. Nothing was different. Did I really have a stroke?
  • How to Freak a Black and Mild
    Freaking is a method of removing the tobacco inside of the cigar, removing a specific rolling paper known as "cancer paper" and putting the tobacco back into cigar after the cancer paper has been removed.
  • Video Game Gift Ideas for the 2010 Holiday Season
    Solomon gives buying tips to any holiday shopper. Some important warnings, suggestions and ideas to inform you completely.
  • 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' -- To Repeal or Not?
    Recent changes in the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy may lead to a repeal of the mandate.
  • The Rally Against AIDS
    On Dec. 1, 2010, the world will gather together to raise awareness and fight the spread of HIV/AIDS and donate to fund research for a cure to the awful affliction.
  • Near Death Experiences: Metaphysical Awakenings or Dying Delusions?
    Every year thousands of critical patients find themselves in strange, almost dream-like, out-of-body experience. This articles explores what exactly a near-death experience is and what one might experience.
  • 'Lion King' Child Star Passes at Age 11
    On the first of this month, Shannon Tavarez passed away from leukemia. The once talented youth stands as a symbol of courage and determination.
  • Family Crafts for the Christmas Tree
    Though Christmas has become commercialized and gift-oriented, nothing can beat a quiet night in the house with the family creating crafts with the whole family.
  • Discount Fashion with Online Sample Sales
    Online sample sales offer deals almost too good to be true. Designer clothes and luxury furniture at second-rate prices. Believe the hype!
  • Top Romantic Hotels in Virginia's Hampton Roads Area
    Looking for a romantic weekend with your special someone? Come to Hampton Roads and explore the seven cities with exotic and authentic scenery and attractions.
  • Fringe Candidates for the 2010 Midterm Election
    A short analysis of a few political candidates running for this year's midterm election. They include Jimmy McMillan of New York and Michele Newman of Colorado.
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