Angela Blake

Angela Blake

I am a Christian SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) and Home-schooler who loves to share the word of God. I have a blog with a co-writer and have written and been published poetry in the past. My goal is to spread the good word and lift up fellow christians who are muddling through the day to day like me.
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Associates Degree in Business, Banking, Retail, Homeschooler, Fashion Marketing.


The LORD will be your everlasting light, and your God will be your glory.-Isaiah 60:19


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  • The Tale of Two Baptisms
    Is baptism at birth the same as baptism as an adult? For me the answer is no, and that is why I choose to seek out Christ outside the denomination we had always followed.
  • From Directionless Life to Christian Baptism Because of 9/11
    Sept. 11, 2001, no longer has a grip on me, but I will never forget. Forgetting is not an option because when you forget, history tends to repeat.
  • Say When..
    Ever feel like you have had enough and wonder where God is in all of this? You're not alone; physically or spiritually.
  • Flapping Lips and a Bitter Sweet Tongue
    Ever participated in gossip, or even been a victim of it. Proverbs 26 is an in your face wake up call on what gossip and hurtful comments can do.
  • Do Your Fruits Extend to Others
    Do you know what the fruit of the spirit is? Do you know that it can be applied to any situation in our lives? The fruit of the spirit teaches you valuable lessons on how to cope with all the curve balls life can throw.
  • Been Gone
    Touching base with my fans :)
  • Feast of the Year
    Carol was no cook, but suddenly Thanksgiving dinner was hers to prepare. Would she be up to the task?
  • Thankful for Thanksgiving
    Such a fuss for a day to give thanks, but in the end it is more than worth all the fuss and plans.
  • Life Lessons in a Proverb
    Where can true wisdom be found. One only needs to turn to the Bible and open it up to the book of Proverbs.
  • The Year There was No Christmas
    Christmas was not to be this year and Santa would pass me by. Just how would I take the news?
  • Heart of the Matter
    The Bible is very specific about matters of the heart. That is what influenced this poem.
  • Clarabelle, the Rainbow Princess
    This was no ordinary day for Clarice. Today she would take a journey like no other.
  • Shadows Go By
    A large shadow in the light of day, should I be dismayed?
  • Acorn Dance
    Fall is in the air, and the acorns are a plenty!
  • A Single Flower
    In the blink of an eye Sheila's life changed forever. Would she ever recover from such a fatal blow to who she was?
  • Will I See You Again?
    If you do not tell them, will they know?
  • Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
    What does God promise us as far as time?
  • Is There Always Healing
    When we hurt physically or even emotionally, does God heal all those wounds?
  • Decided or Chosen
    Do we choose when God comes into our heart or does He soften our hearts in order to accept His will?
  • Wise Words
    When you speak your peace, is it your words or Gods?
  • So Far from Perfect
    We all fall short from perfection; but what does perfection really mean.
  • Staying in the Moment
    Recently attended the Women of Faith conference. It left me with a lot to think about. It made me reflect on what I call Jonahisms.
  • Broken but Not Lost
    This poem was meant to capture the raw emotions she feels in dealing with her medical issues. At times she feels broken, but she always remembers that she is not lost to God.
  • I Am
    Ever wonder just who you are. God tells us plain and simple exactly who we are.
  • American Heroes
    Everyday an American makes the decision to serve our country in the Military. Thank God for them, so that we may continue to experience freedom. Have you said thank you to those who serve?
  • Specially Chosen Child
    Each child is a special gift from God. Each child is perfect in His eyes, and you are the specially chosend parent for your specially chosen child.
  • Cast Away
    Sin is a part of all our lives. When we bring it to Christ, it is forgiven. Now it is time to forgive ourselves. That is what inspired this poem.
  • The Moments Passed -- Now What?
    A young girl tries to work out her feelings about a father who blows through her life like a breeze. There one moment and gone the next. Being as unpredictable as the weather.
  • Personal Revelations
    In a world of uncertainties, there is only one thing that is certain. What God did for us and how much He longs for us to draw near to Him.
  • Miracles Exist
    Miracles exist. You just have to know how to look for them.
  • Reflections of What Was
    Charles loved his wife and loved the fall festival. This year the fall festival would never be the same for him or anyone who attended it.
  • Trials that Define My Life
    There are days that are easy going and everything happens just right. Then there are days that everything goes completely wrong. Those are the days when faith in God gets you through.
  • Friends
    There is nothing like a Best Friend, but we should not close the door to opportunity for new friends of all kinds.
  • Unto Thee
    Surrendering it all to the Lord is what I want to do. I am a work in progress.
  • Touched by Love, Left with Memories
    The hardest thing for a parent is to bury their child. It is not the natural order of things. Having some friends who have faced this and continue to push on, I wrote this poem to honor their memories.
  • Quiet My Anxious Heart
    Sometimes life takes hold and gives our firm foundation a good shake. It makes us take stock and it can either make us dig deeper into faith or turn and run in fear.
  • The Case of the Missing Pumpkins
    Ms. Marge carved the most wonderful pumpkins every year,but not this year. To add insult to injury her pumpkins disappear the night before Halloween.
  • The Sincere Christian
    My hearts desire is to follow through in promises made;however I am guilty of getting busy and forgetting about it. What is it? Prayers I promised to make.
  • Casting Your Cares on Him
    More worries on your shoulders than you can bare to carry? Than cast your cares upon the Lord. With Him there is no burden to heavy to carry.
  • It's Not About Me, It's All About Him
    Ever want Gods attention just for yourself, so do I. However I found out that I don't get to demand when that is.
  • The Light Home
    Sometimes it's hard to know the direction in which to go, but Gods light is always on, always leading the way.
  • Perfect Image
    Looking in the mirror, do you really know who you are? According to God you are a direct reflection of Him. That makes you wonderfully made!
  • Can't Hear God Through All the Clutter
    Ever have so much going on in your life you forget to seek the one who can calm the seas? I sure have. This is when I cant hear God through all the clutter running through my mind.
  • On the Wing of a Bird
    The face of the planet is rapidly changing. It is changing faster than animals can adapt. These changes inspired me to write this poem.
  • In Chains for Christ
    All of us face adversity. The apostle Paul is a wonderful example of overcoming that adversity and often said he was in chains for Christ. That inspired me to write this poem
  • Surrender
    The Lord wants you to worry about nothing, and the only way to do that is to surrender. Surrender it all.
  • True Riches
    To be rich in spirit is far more valuable than being rich in possessions. Happiness is where God lives and you are far richer if you allow him to live in your heart.
  • Clarapatra
    Disappointed once more, Clarabelle found that Halloween was becoming the worst holiday ever.
  • Christian
    The word alone can stir up quit a bit of emotion, be it positive or negative. Regardless it is a commanding word that is greatly misunderstood.
  • Would You?
    After watching the movie The Passion many thoughts came to mind. That's when I decided to work through those questions through this poem.
  • Trust
    Trust is the one thing I have continued to teach my daughter. Its even more difficult when you're a new Christian. In the end it is needed in order to allow God to work in you and through you.
  • How Long Must I Wait, O Lord?
    Have you ever placed a prayer at the Lord's feet and patiently waited, only to find that your waiting has exceeded your level of patience? I too have faced that same frustration.

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