Writing became an important segment early on in my life. Since then I have dabbled in small excerpts, poetry and of course writing up new recipes to share with my family and others. Having many family cooks from three generations on both sides of my family, as well as that of my husband’s, there have been many recipes passed down from family to family. With our family generation lines covering a large portion of Europe there are many varieties of recipes that have played a huge role inspiring my endeavors in the kitchen. These treasures and epicurean delights are a pleasure to share with others. And as new recipes are created they are added to the never ending family cookbook.
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She attended Holy Name Hospital School of Nursing then continued her education in another direction by attending the American School of Business and becoming a Licensed Insurance Producer


There is always room for dessert! Happy reading and thank you for stopping by!
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  • Klingon Commander Kang, Michael Ansara, from ‘Star Trek’ Passed Away
    “Star Trek” fans are saddened to hear that Syrian actor, Michael Ansara, who portrayed the Klingon commander character’ Kang’ has passed away at the age of 91.
  • What to Do When You Have a Screw Loose
    Every now and then we all think this thought to ourselves. This is especially true when things just don’t seem to go our way or the way that they should.
  • How to Make Homemade Seasoned Salt
    Preparing homemade seasoned salt is a frugal way of saving money and time by not having to run out to the supermarket when you run out.
  • Healthy Reasons to Eat the Catch of the Day
    Did you know that eating fish when pregnant can reduce the risk of ADHD in children?
  • Frugal Tips for Colored or Processed Hair
    Save time and money when you get your hair dyed by using a few simple steps!
  • Medicare Can Help with the Cost of Specialty Shoes
    Many people don't know to ask that a huge savings could be in their pockets!
  • Instant Hot Cocoa Mix Created in Your Kitchen
    Save money by preparing your own hot chocolate mix!
  • The ‘Biggest Loser’ Workout Mix MP3 Album is Free
    Free music download to keep your workout flowing in style!
  • If the Shoe Fits, Wear It!
    Do your shoes fit properly, if not here are a few tips you should follow!
  • Virtual Credit Cards Gives You Peace of Mind
    Get peace of mind when you hand a credit card to your teen or college student!
  • Outdoor Cooking: Tips for Cleaning a Gas Grill
    Are you eating healthy when you turn the grill on?
  • Movie Title Changes that Became Hollywood Hits
    Would you take in a movie if the title was not attractive?
  • Homemade Hoisin Sauce Spruces Up Veggies
    Homemade sauces and dips will save time and money every time!
  • If You Eat These Foods They Can Reduce Your Stress Levels
    Are you close to the breaking point? Do you feel overwhelmed? Instead of reaching for junk food when you feel over-stressed try a healthy substitution instead!
  • The History of the Ice Cream Sundae
    An ice cream sundae is a special treat that many enjoy. Ice cream with syrup or hot fudge, a dollop of whipped cream and a variety of goodies puts it over the top.
  • Paula Deen Has Been Fired by the Food Network Over Racial Slurs
    Racial slurs by Paula Deen has the Food Network discussing her contract with the company. Consumers are also spreading the word of boycotting the Food Network since they have decided to fire Paula Deen and not renew her contract.
  • The National Security Agency Wants Blood, Breath and Saliva Samples from Motorists
    Motorists are asked to pull over by the police which is mandatory in every state. The reason for the roadblocks is to voluntarily participate in a survey where samples are requested.
  • Kim Kardashian Gives Birth Prematurely
    Kim Kardashian’s early birth to baby girl goes viral before family announcements.
  • Oklahoma is Hit Hard with More Storms of Incredible Force
    Earthquakes add more devastation to Oklahoma like tornadoes were not bad enough!
  • Fire Up the Grill for Delicious Grilled Asparagus
    Enjoy the healthy benefits of grilled asparagus this season!
  • Americans May Be Purchasing Pork Products from China Now
    Smithfield Foods: The largest pork producer in the world may be sold to China!
  • Crisp and Healthy Roasted Carrot Fries
    Preparing something healthy for your family isn't always an easy task. This recipe not only provides a healthy choice but one everyone will love and request to be made over and over again.
  • Beware of Toxins from Personal Lubricants
    People purchase lubricants for personal reasons. The main one is pleasure between you and your partner. The last thing you would ever think of is adding toxins to your love life.
  • Easy Ways to Eliminate Saw Dust Without Making a Mess
    There is saw dust everywhere once a project is completed and sweeping just seems to cause a dust storm. There are a few easy ways to get those wood remnants picked up without having to breathe in a ton of dust nor making a bigger mess than already exists.
  • Creative Burger Toppings
    Hamburgers or burgers are at the top of the list for just about every barbeque. Some call them patties or meat patties; they can be made large and be referred to as a jumbo burger.
  • The History of the Food Processor
    Food processors are an ingenious appliance to have in the kitchen. Its main purpose is making meal preparation much easier and faster for the cook or chef. The food processor is...
  • When You're Hot You're Hot Meat Sauce
    When you're hot you're hot is a line many of us remember well. It is one of the chorus lines in the song with the same name. 'œWhen You're Hot, Your're Hot' by Jerry Reed.
  • Basil Vinaigrette Salad Dressing
    Basil is a popular herb with an aromatic scent like no other. An easy herb to grow that doesn't require much fuss in the garden. Although basil is considered...
  • Quick and Thick Robust Bourbon Barbecue Sauce
    Warm weather brings out many desires for outdoor cooking. One main staple at the table is a bottle of barbecue sauce. There are...
  • Warm Homemade Blueberry Sauce
    Blueberries have a higher sugar and acidic content than most berries. They are commonly referred to as the all purpose berry.
  • Do it All at the Captains Crawl
    Everyone is saying it: 'œI did it all, aboard the Captain's Crawl!'
  • Celebrity Bowler Contest
    Bowling is such a fun game to entertain the whole family. In some areas bowling is considered a sport with competitions, contests and various leagues for all ages.
  • Spiced and Spiked Iced Coffee
    Iced coffee is a delicious and refreshing beverage enjoyable any time of year. During the spring and summer months the ice...
  • Coconut Rice with Fresh Coconut Milk
    This is a simple and wonderful side dish. It has been an essential addition for many Caribbean cuisines. Coconut rice is much...
  • Manhattan Clam Chowder
    This chowder was called "New York clam chowder" and "Fulton Fish Market clam chowder" back in the 1890s. The name...
  • Coconut Milk for Fresh Baked Confections
    Coconut milk can be purchased in cans at the SuperValu in Winona, but it's relatively expensive. On the other hand, a pound of dried...
  • Wholesome Homemade Banana Bread
    Ever buy bananas and not have the chance to eat the whole bunch. Instead of throwing out the ones that are too ripe to hold and eat use...
  • Baked Custard
    Custard is a culinary delight that is commonly prepared as a dessert. During the Middle Ages custard was used primarily in filling tarts. In the fourteenth century the English referred to...
  • Cherry Jell-O Without the Jiggles
    Jell-O is a famous brand of flavored gelatin. It is usually mixed with equal portions of hot and cold water. Everyone knows about...
  • Fettuccini Alfredo Sauce
    An Italian restaurateur, Alfredo di Lelio invented this creamy, rich dish called 'œFettuccini Alfredo' in 1914.This dinner specialty of course...
  • Go Nuts Over Making Homemade Nutella
    Nutella, the famous European brand spread was created in Italy in the 1940's by Pietro Ferrero, a pastry maker. At that time there was a chocolate shortage and...
  • Quick Bacon Bok Choy
    Bok Choy (Brassica rapa chinensis) is an Asian vegetable that resembles celery in its form. The name literally means '˜white vegetable' which...
  • What is New with Eggs?
    Eggs are a staple is most kitchens. And, as the saying goes they are 'œIncredible, edible eggs!' So many recipes require eggs to be added in. Dinner...
  • Miscellaneous Food Tips
    Everyone enjoys learning new tricks when they become available. Any tip, trick or known fact that can help the cook get the job done while saving time, effort and...
  • BLT Deli Meat Wraps
    Sometimes a light lunch is just want the hunger pangs call for. Other times a traditional BLT or...
  • Eat Right to Reduce the Risk of Cancer
    There are many foods in grocery stores and farmers markets that one can choose from. The varieties and combinations are limitless.
  • Gulf Coast Farmers Markets
    More and more people are looking for fresh produce to serve at their dinner tables. The best place to find the freshest fruits and vegetables is at a local farmers market.
  • Pascagoula Beach Park 4th of July Music and Fireworks Event
    The City of Pascagoula is hosting a 4th of July celebration at Beach Park. This is a family event everyone can enjoy attending. Come join the community on this special evening and...
  • Seasonal Foods for the Month of July
    July is a great month for finding many seasonal fruits and vegetables. Local farmers markets are opening their gates in a lot of areas. Purchasing...
  • Celebrate Independence Day
    The 4th of July is the time to reflect upon our independence. Although each and every day of the year we can celebrate our freedoms and...
  • Blues at the Beach
    The Blues at the Beach in Pascagoula, MS is a lovely evening that should not be missed. Imagine spending the night hours listening to music; not just
  • Marinated Steak with Garlic Garnish
    Every so often a nice juicy steak is just what you need to break away from the pasta and chicken dinners that are served so often.
  • Biloxi Farmers Market Festival
    Eating healthy is a life style that everyone is striving for. Fresh produce and home cooking is once again becoming more popular each and every day.
  • Independence Day at Church on the Rock
    The Church on the Rock is located in Pascagoula, MS. This year the community will be celebrating Independence Day a little different from everyone else.
  • Homemade Lip Gloss
    Little girls are crazy about the thought of wearing makeup. Usually a lot earlier than most parents are. Lip gloss in a wax stick form similar to Chap Stick seems the most logical approach to take.
  • Chicken Grilling Sauce
    There is something unique about a barbeque. Most foods seem to taste better for some reason when they are seared over a flame broiled fire.
  • A Berry of an Idea
    During the course of the year berry lovers purchase fresh fruits of all shape, sizes and types. Some of them are ...
  • Hypnaughty Comedy Show with Thom Kaz
    Uncensored hypnotic comedy show featuring Thom Kaz with his "Are You Naughty Or Nice?"
  • Pasta Bolognese Dinner Recipe
    Bolognese sauce was originated in Bologna, Italy. A popular dish enjoyed in Italy and France alike.
  • Ice Cold Milk Shake
    What can be better on a hot summer's day than an ice cold milk shake? A mixture of dairy and fruit blended together in a frothy drink.
  • Creamy and Crunchy Egg Salad Spread
    Eggs are a natural form of protein and contain 70 calories each. After much research over the years studies have changed their decision and now claim that eggs can actually raise good cholesterol levels your body requires.
  • Quick Colada Coleslaw
    Coleslaw is one of two side dishes found at just about every summer luncheon, BBQ or outdoor party.
  • Tasty Tuna Salad
    Tuna is actually an excellent steak fish. The flesh of the tuna fillets are flaky, tender and very flavorful. A fresh tuna does make the best tasting salad.
  • Easy Guacamole Dip Recipe
    Guacamole is a very simple Mexican dip made from mashed avocados flavored with the juices of lemons and limes. The taste is very unique and can contain a number of different ingredients.
  • Paint for Paws and Benefit the Humane Society of South Mississippi
    The Humane Society of South Mississippi is setting aside two evenings for family fun. Family members and friends can join together for a fun filled evening of painting.
  • Scrambled Egg Canapes
    A canape is usually served as an appetizer and depending upon what it is made with can also be served with cocktails.
  • The Paralyzed Veterans of America Want to Say Happy Father's Day
    Tomorrow is Father's Day and it is time to celebrate and honor the men in our lives who mean the most to us. The man, who...
  • Enjoy Live Entertainment Every Weekend at the Silver Slipper
    The Silver Slipper Stage Bar has live entertainment every Friday and Saturday evening. They were the first land based casino on the Mississippi Gulf Coast built from the ground up.
  • Baking Tips
    Baking is fun and when a new tip comes along that makes the process go faster or provides an interesting twist it needs to be shared.
  • Free Quesadilla and Father's Day E-card from Denny's
    Denny's is having a promotion that provides customers with the option of four e-cards for Father's Day. When Dad opens his e-card he will receive a coupon that is good for a free cheese quesadilla.
  • National Flip Flop Day
    The seventeen day in June has been designated "National Flip Flop Day!" This holiday started back in the year 2007 to encourage customers to start their summer by kicking off their shoes and wearing a pair of flip flops.
  • South of the Border Tortilla Chicken Lasagna
    Tortillas are thin bread that is round in shape and usually baked or fried. They are made from ground corn or wheat flour.
  • Homemade Kahlua a Real Vanilla Experience
    Kahlua is a flavored liqueur from Mexico. It is typically used to make a variety of cocktails such as a B-52, Black Russian, White Russian or a Mudslide.
  • Budweiser Beer Batter Recipe
    Budweiser is one of the most advertised brand names for beer. Since today marks the map with a celebration for beer we also wanted to join in and celebrate.
  • Boston Creme Pie
    A Boston cr¨me pie is actually a cake. It has received its name depicting a pie because pie tins were more accessible than cake pans back in the nineteenth century.
  • Herbs and Spices '" Sage
    Sage is a shrub of the mint family. This herb is found in Italy, Greece, Spain and Yugoslavia.
  • Free Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich
    Arby's is offering a free roast beef sandwich. An exclusive deal that won't be found anywhere else!
  • Vegetable Tips
    Living in Winona, Mississippi has some disadvantages. One of which affects many residents in all the surrounding Southern or Gulf States; and that is the weather.
  • Strange Household Tips
    Everyday we come across something new that stops us in our tracks. It might be something spilled upon a piece of furniture or something the cat dragged in that
  • Raspberry Punch
    The weather is getting warmer and before you know it summer will be upon us. All the barbeques will be taken out of storage along...
  • Kitchen Tips
    The kitchen is the most popular room in most homes. Everyone congregates there for one reason or another. Some days it seems...
  • Antipasto Salad Recipe Makes Lunchtime Shine
    A true antipasto is a salad that is spread out over a large platter. The base is a bed of lettuce that is embellished with a variety of meats, cheeses, fish and...
  • Freezing Meats and Storage Times
    Meats purchased from supermarkets, butchers or wholesale outlets are packaged individually or in family packages. With a thin...
  • Herbs and Spices '" Basil
    Basil, a member of the mint family can be purchased ground or as whole leaves. The leaves of this herb can grow up to...
  • Vegetable Stromboli
    Stromboli is a mixture of Italian cheeses and meats wrapped, rolled and baked inside pizza dough. It originated in...
  • Laundry Room Tips
    Laundry is one chore that no one can ignore. The pile on the floor, the heap in the basket and the filled hamper will always be...
  • Peanut Butter Bread
    Peanut butter is a wholesome and nutritious food source, all of its own. Making it into dough with some flour, sugar and milk for a...
  • Tips when You Have Cats
    Pets, the moment they are brought into the house they immediately become part of the family. Some so much that they think they can take over a piece of furniture or room.
  • Blueberry Festival
    In the town of Ocean Springs blueberry season is in high gear. Everyone is excited about the festival that honors those little sweet yet tart little purple-bluish colored fruit.
  • Southern Comfort Creamed Collard Greens
    Southerners from all parts of the south including Winona savor the taste of collard greens. They are a dark, leafy green vegetable that is part of the cabbage family and closely related to kale.
  • Pastitsio: Greek Comfort Food
    Pastitsio is a comfort food enjoyed mostly by the people of Greece. A simple macaroni dish when prepared has some similarities to baked pasta or lasagna.
  • Margarita Fest
    A fantastic way to start off summer is by attending a luau themed party called the Margarita Fest.
  • Jefferson Davis Birthday Celebration
    A celebration is underway commemorating the 203rd birthday of Jefferson Davis.
  • Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Wraps with a Secret Inside
    Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches are a favorite for all ages. A sandwich, which contains just three ingredients that is; commonly served on white or toasted bread.
  • Oriental Plum Dipping Sauce
    A plum dipping sauce on the side of an Asian or Chinese dinner entr©e provides a tangy and fruity flare to the meal.
  • Kabobs and Summer Fun
    When you think of kabobs the first thing that comes to mind other than the stick or skewer is meat. Then you add vegetables in an alternating pattern to cook over the grill.
  • Encounter an Interaction with a Dolphin
    Imagine the fun you can have interacting with a dolphin. The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies (IMMS) is sponsoring such an event.
  • Porcupine Beef Balls
    To prepare these porcupine beef balls two recipes are included. The ground beef balls and the tomato soup sauce are outlined separately.
  • 35th Annual St. Paul's Seafood Festival
    St. Paul's Church is featuring their annual seafood festival. This year is their 35th festival and it promises to be just as good if not better than the years prior.
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