Loren Magnuson

Loren Magnuson

Nice to meet you, I m Loren Magnuson, but you can call me whatever you want, and I m sure after reading my opinions people will be quite creative.

I write what I want when I want, and some people don t like it. The truth is right in front of people, but they don t want to see it. Tough luck, it s my business to show people what they don t want to see, and i consider it tough love.

I play no games, and I rarely apologize. I write about what I am passionate about, and when it comes to taking sides, I fight for the underdog so the underdog can live to fight another day. My rule is to achieve equal coverage , not cover equally.

You want me to pander to your political views? You got the wrong writer. I m a no-nonsense reporter, who ll cover most anything you want. Need your story told? Shoot me an e-mail and I m going to tell your story.

This is not writing, this is not a game or a rat race, this is a movement of the heart from the hand to your screen and you re witnessing a psychological revolution.

Where you find my pen you ll find a tyrant with a heart that s dripping blood, because I don t pray for change, I free minds and keep hope alive by any means necessary.

While one person is in chains I am not free, and so a prisoner shall I ever be. Like the African slaves, we are going to survive, because one day we will become.

The floodgates of deception are about to unleash torrential truth into your eye-sockets, and wash the dirt of deceit from your eyes, so you can see what is has been hidden from you. GO READ MY ARTICLES.
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Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.


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