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A musician from a young age, Amanda enjoyed her first fifteen minutes of fame as lead violinist of The Long Island Fishermen. Since then, she contributes daily to her favorite websites and bulletin boards. A jack of many trades, she's got experience in a vast number of fields, from animal care to zoology and beyond.
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  • William Shatner Comments on Obama Being More like Kirk
    When Velshie posed the question to Shatner about Obama being more like Kirk instead of Spock, it opened up a whole new line of dialog that Shatner fans everywhere will likely be thinking about for a good long time.
  • Suffolk Bus: The Cranky Driver Strikes Again
    Bus driver on Mastic Shirley NY route becoming more and more abusive to passengers.
  • Most Popular Halloween Candy
    Kids have smaller tongues, but have just as many taste buds as an adult, so they crave serious sensation when it comes to their candies. It’s not like the old days, when kids had nothing but chocolate on their minds.
  • How to Make Cheap Fog Machine Juice
    These days you can buy yourself a fog machine for as little as $30 at your local party outlet, so why spend $15 per bottle on fog juice? Here’s a cheap recipe that will keep your fog machine going all night long.
  • Most Popular Halloween Costumes 2011
    Want to be up on the cutting edge for Halloween this year? Check out this list of possibilities with links to where you can get or make a Halloween costume that will win!
  • Washington Times Columnist Publishes Propaganda
    Robert Knight of The Washington Times has gone out on a limb to attempt to disseminate raucous lies about the Obama Administration, but to whose favor?
  • Harlan Ellison Sues to Keep in Time Movie Out of the Theaters
    Author Harlan Ellison is going back to court against FOX for copyright infringement over FOX's new movie, In Time.
  • Best Dollar Store Halloween Decorations
    The shipments for Halloween have arrived and are being stocked as you read this article. Here’s a brief list of the best stuff to be had at you local Dollar Stores.
  • SyFy’s Jabberwock is Jibberwack
    A review of “Jabberwocky”, a SyFy Original that defies the meaning of cheese.
  • Island: Fairy Tales Do Come True
    Based upon the novel by Jane Rogers, Island is the tale of a child who spent her life trying to find her real mother. On an adventure that reminds her of a fairytale, she sets out to either comfort or kill the woman who abandoned her.
  • Suffolk County Bus Drivers and Buses Decrepit, Dirty, and Dismal
    It doesn’t take much to drive a bus, be courteous to passengers, and keep a bus reasonably clean, but Suffolk County Bus Authority of Long Island, NY seems to think it’s too hard and too expensive to achieve.
  • How to Get Your Cats to Get Along
    Whether you're adopting a new cat or have a rescued kitten that you're going to hear some hissing at first. Here's how to make the transition easier.
  • Anger Toward Obama Over Leaked NASA Budget
    Two Senators have flatly accused Obama of attempting to stop NASA’s SLS program, based solely upon a document that was leaked to the Wall Street Journal.
  • NY Times Releases Tapes and Air Traffic Transcripts for 9/11
    The transcripts and recordings from the Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.), North American Aerospace Defense Command (Norad) and American Airlines from the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, links provided.
  • Apollo 18: Contagion on the Moon and in the Theater
    When NASA issued a publicity statement denying the plot of Apollo 18, they werenââ‚Ãâ
  • Building and Tending a Proper Fire
    Need to create a nice fire for guests and not know where to start? Follow these simple steps to a roaring, pleasant fire that will delight even the most discerning fire fans.
  • New Yorkers Displaying Post Traumatic Stress Disorder After Hurricane Irene
    “My girlfriends on Facebook are all saying the same thing: that they’re unable to sleep, minds racing, bodies fatigued, feeling extremely out-of-sorts.” Everyone on line nodded.
  • Houses Burglarized During Hurricane Irene Evacuation in Mastic Beach, NY
    A pattern of burglaries located south of Neighborhood Road in Mastic Beach, NY has residents on edge, wondering if their homes will be targeted.
  • Robert Downey Jr. Is Pregnant!
    Recently reported: Robert Downey Jr. and his wife are having a baby!
  • Hurricane Hysteria: When the Media Overhypes Weather
    Hurricane Irene was covered so thoroughly as to cause mass-hysteria and extreme stress on Long Island and in NYC. Over-cautiousness and overly covered, Irene posed less of a threat than forecasters reported.
  • Irene Breaths Fury Upon Long Island
    As hurricane Irene bore down upon the Category One Flood plane of Mastic Beach, I hunkered down for the night, prepared to leave at a moment's notice.
  • Hurricane Irene to Hit NY?
    As residents hoard batteries and stock up on ice and beer, our local meteorologist are struggling with the possibility of a hurricane landfall somewhere in NY.
  • Rise of the Planet of the Apes: Not Quite the Original
    Remade movies tend to be shadows of the originals, and Rise of The Planet of The Apes is no exception.
  • How to Get Ready for a Hurricane
    It is hurricane season again, and already there are hurricanes threatening to reach the coast. It is time to take stock and look at what you will need to be prepared in case it does hit your area. Links and lists provided.
  • The Apple Withered, but the City Plodded On
    The night of 9/11 I had to go to work on Canal and Center Street. This is an account of the sights and sounds of the city in the hours after 9/11.
  • Sept. 11 Meant a Lost NYC Job, an Uncertain Future
    I try not to think about the job I lost as a result of 9/11. I miss the people whom I used to work with, the great salary, the hours, and the city most of all.
  • What to Do If You Lost Your Pet
    It's heartbreaking when one discovers that a pet is lost. Here's what to do immediately to get the best result possible: recovery of your beloved pet.
  • Writer's Block, Deadlines and Word Count: The Writer's Enemies
    You can learn to recognize and avoid writing problems such as writer's block, deadline boredom and word count frustration.
  • Stores Displaying Holiday Items for Halloween and Christmas Already
    How Soon is Too Soon To Market Christmas?
  • No Smoking on LIRR Platforms
    Senator Andrew Cuomo passed a law against smoking on or near platforms, ticket buying areas and waiting areas on the LIRR today.
  • Ice Cream Trucks Can Cause Insanity
    Sitting in your yard, sipping a cold drink on a seemingly peaceful summer afternoon is what most homeowners would like to experience. Then comes the horror: that off-key melody played by the Ice Cream man, 22,000 times, until you can't think anymore.
  • Harrison Ford is a Movie Star
    I blinked when I saw the headline on Moviephone's website, entitled 'Å"Harrison Ford Is no Longer A Movie Star', written by Jack Ryan. How anyone could come to that conclusion, I don't know.
  • A vow that may have saved my life on 9/11
    A bad temp job and a fear of bombing came together in a terrible and shocking coincidence that affects my life to this day.
  • Bushes Too Big?
    Ten or more years of unbridled growth, and the bushes in my yard were terribly overgrown. Having missed winter pruning, the only answer is to do it in full summer.
  • Summer Lawn Care
    As a woman I've always thought that the lawn was a man's territory. I never knew that one trip to my local Home Depot would open the door to a lush lawn!
  • Lawn Mower Won't Start?
    Lawnmower repair and maintenance is a breeze, so why not check your mower and get it running smoothly?
  • David Bowie: The Secrets of Wooing Iman
    It certainly helps to have kept most of her relationship with David rather secretive, but she's been leaking little tidbits for the past few years.
  • Your Highness Reaches New Lowness
    Yes, Your Highness is a stoner flick. It's a youthful stoner flick though, because it doesn't live up to the stoner flicks of old like Clerks, or Dogma.
  • Cowboys and Aliens Proves Westerns Have More Appeal
    Daniel Craig makes for a strange sort of cowboy. Not quite countrified, sporting an air of European class, he carries himself with distinction as Jake Lonergan.
  • Lung Cancer Not Related to 9/11? Absurd
    The NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has completed their first review, stating that there is not enough evidence to link cancer to the list of conditions that are covered.
  • SyFy Alphas: Angsty X-Men Wannabes
    A noticeable story arc is beginning to develop in SyFy's series Alphas. One can only hope that the writers follow it swiftly.
  • SyFy Alphas Episodes Unavailable at Hulu
    Now it seems official: anything new or remotely interesting will be canned on Hulu until the season run is over. Alphas has been effectively put on hold.
  • No More Warehouse 13 on Hulu Until September
    They've done it again. All the fans that surfed in to watch the third episode of Warehouse 13 on were met with an ugly message. No more eps.
  • Plant Poaching, Stealing Cuttings, and Grabbing Seeds
    How many times have you gone for a walk on a warm summer's night, only to see huge Cleome seedpods beckoning to you from the edge of a neighbor's garden?
  • William Shatner's the Captains: A Wild Ride Through Actors' Minds
    William Shatner bares all about his own fears and reveals revelations that appear forced and possibly false.
  • Have the Brits Gone Bananas? Human Hybrid Fears Run Rampant
    A report by Professor Thomas Baldwin of the Academy of Medical Sciences is being taken out of context by the British media and turned into a veritable zoo of fear.
  • New Park in Construction in Mastic Beach
    Many residents of Bayview Drive in Mastic Beach have noticed the large white sign and construction equipment being used on the former property of the Bayview Drive Hospital.
  • Balloon Sinuplasty: New Treatment for Sinus Pain Sufferers
    Relief from sinus pain is available through a new, minimally invasive procedure that involves the insertion of a small balloon into the nasal passages.
  • Hell's Kitchen Gets Off to Fiery Start
    With no flourishes and a blast of hot air from Chef Ramsay, the new season of Hell's Kitchen is set to burn even more contestants.
  • Murdock Scandal the Best News Story in a Long Time
    Once upon a time there was a lady named Rebekah Brooks. She seems to have made a booboo, but that's okay, because it makes for great reading!
  • Annie's Goddess Dressing: Fit for Any Goddess!
    Annie's Goddess Dressing is awesome, check her for the ingredients and how to make a great salad using it!
  • Poospatuck Reservation Will No Longer Carry Brand Name Cigarettes
    Smoke shop after smoke shop on the Rez are running out of brand name cigarettes, and they don't intend to replace them.
  • Best Coleslaw Ever for Your Picnic and Barbecue
    Coleslaw is eaten the world over in great variety, but most Americans don't even know its origins: The Dutch! Try out the KFC or Restaurant Style Coleslaw Recipe.
  • George R.R. Martin is Not a Modern Tolkien
    Is George R.R. Martin the modern J.R.R. Tolkien? Many seem to think he is, but don't say that to a Tolkienite!
  • How to Make Money
    You need money, and you're desperate. Don't stab in the dark: read up on what you can do right now to get help as soon as possible. Learn how to make money in today's terrible economy, and avoid the "get rich quick" schemes on the Internet.
  • Alzheimer's and Geriatric Insomnia: A Link?
    A recent report about high beta-amyloid a plaque in the brain associated with the incidence of accidents involving falls has been published the University of California, in San Francisco.
  • Help, My Pool Has Algae!
    Oh, oh. Your pool has green algae. It's okay, it happens to all of us. Here's how to fix it.
  • Religion in Star Trek: The Original Series
    A recent posting by Chase Masterson (Leeta, ST:DS9) covering the religion as represented in Star Trek: The Original Series went above and beyond the "common knowledge of atheism" in the 24th century , & gave examples of character dialogue to support it.
  • SyFy Alphas Nearly Unwatchable, Warehouse 13 a Delight
    The other night I sat down and watched SyFy's new series, Alphas, and then took in Warehouse 13 right afterwards.
  • Newsday, Channel 12 News DWI Articles Unfair and Disturbing
    Every morning I get up, rub my eyes, and navigate to Channel 12 News for local information and hopefully a good story. Nearly everyday I am disappointed, saddened, and disgusted with the lack of actual news stories. What do I see: a list of the DWI ticket
  • Is Jonathan Rhys Meyers Sexually Confused?
    A source unconnected with Jonathan Rhys Meyers has suggested that the actor is suffering from the recent death of his mother, a possible breakup with heiress Reena Hammer, and possible sexual confusion.
  • Cooking Ribs on the Barbecue
    One of the very best things that you can cook on a barbecue is a lovely rack of ribs, but it takes talent, patience, and lots of time to create the tender meat that you're seeking.
  • How to Increase Your Potassium Intake
    A recent study published by the Archives of Internal Medicine looked at the roles of two different salts in our diet (Potassium and Sodium), their relationship with each other, and their healthy levels in our bodies.
  • Ironclad: Actors Abound in Epic Battle
    A classic castle siege is the forefront of this historical drama, set with the familiar faces of actors we know and love.
  • Beans and Peas: The Quickest Sprouting Plants in the Garden
    Want to get something growing in your garden with a minimum of effort and a maximum yield? Beans and peas offer much to the casual gardener, and sprout faster than any other plants for quick greenery and fun picking in only a few weeks.
  • Hand-Held Scanning Vs. Self-Checkout at the Supermarket
    If there's one thing I can't stand, it's waiting in line with one item and watching a completely inept person trying to checkout an entire cartload in the self-checking aisle.
  • Cheap Homemade Cleaning Solutions
    If you're like me and can't afford $20 a month on degreasers, floor cleaning solutions, antibacterial sprays and the like, then you're in luck:
  • Camelot Miniseries Cancelled
    Production problems as well as cast scheduling conflicts have been blamed for the demise of the STARZ miniseries, Camelot.
  • Launch Control Team Didn't Want to Leave
    The discussion in the post-launch conference room was positive and congratulatory, but the swell of emotion settled upon all of the speakers.
  • The Last Space Shuttle
    I'm struck with awe and sorrow as I sit and think of all the times that I have monitored space missions via NASA TV, most of which started with the spectacular sight of a Space Shuttle blasting into space.
  • Methadone Programs: Public Safety Vs. Freedom from Addiction
    Methadone programs all across the USA are successful: they maintain the addict and keep society safe, but at what cost?
  • Hair Removal Myths
    A recent review of the Braun Silk-Epil Xelle brings to light the myths and truths about hair removal: while the Braun product tweezes, it does not last longer than waxing.
  • George Takei is Actually an Evil Mastermind
    Reports indicated that George Takei (best known as Hikaru Sulu of Star Trek) was in the newest Tom Hanks movie, Larry Crowne. What they didn't say was how much fun, how truly awesome and downright comedic he is.
  • Hydrocodone: Easy Money Invites More Pharmacy Robberies
    The recent robbery and murders of four innocent people only serves to make us aware that opiate/opoid addiction is rising. Robbers know that they can always sell their ill-gotten pills just about anywhere, and make a quick profit.
  • Strauss-Kahn Con Game
    "A source told NBS News" that the maid from Guinea, Africa "lied to them (the prosecutors) -- and on the application about the whole rape claim." The source has not said what she lied about.
  • Jim Carrey in Mr. Popper's Penguins
    Jim Carrey ponderously plods through his performance in Mr. Popper's Penguins.
  • James Durbin Offered Record Deal
    The company that handles both American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance will offer James Durbin a contract.
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers Hospitalized: Suicide Attempt?
    '..."The Tudors' star Jonathan Rhys Meyers was taken to a hospital late Tuesday night after a possible suicide attempt while overdosing on pain pills in his rather expensive home in Maida Vale, London.
  • NYC America's Got Talent Disappointing Viewers
    A combination of terrible acts and lacking judging may drive America's Got Talent from Network TV. New York's recent auditions prove it.
  • Things Husbands Should Do Despite Gender Roles
    A study by two sociologists at the University of Nebraska may explain why your husband can't replace the toilet paper.
  • Martha Stewart Exploding Picnic Table
    A Father's Dy Meal ended in glass flying in all directions when a Martha Stewart Everyday Living patio table exploded. Why did it shatter? Anyone with a glass table should examine it for flaws. See this article for information.
  • Stevia: A Vanilla-Sweet Sugar Substitute
    Stevia is in the news again as the product has failed to meet up with the initial market speculation. Reasons for the decline of use after its introduction are varied, but my view is that it's not quite what it was reported to be.
  • Game of Thrones Spectacular Season Finale
    The recent season finale was an explosive one, leaving fans breathlessly awaiting the second season of Game of Thrones.
  • Scotty McCreery Worries About His Big Ears
    If you think a part of your body is ugly, you're not alone. Even American Idol Winner Scotty McCreery worries that he's "Not cute".
  • What's Going on at the Poospatuck Unketchaug Reservation?
    While NYC government officials balk at the fact that the NY Post was able to buy "bootleg" Newports at a 125th Street bodega, the Indians at the Poospatuck Reservation continue to reap the benefits from increased demand for cheap butts
  • Concerns that Ad Will Exacerbate Eating Disorder
    NEDA wins fight to have advertisement pulled due to possible affect it will have upon women with eating disorders. Too bad that it won't do much good. Yoplait Lite is disgusting.
  • LIRR, MTA Smoking Ban Irritating Smokers
    If the bill passes, smokers will no longer have the break that they so desire for upwards of 3 hours or more on longer commutes.
  • Game of Thrones: Alas Poor Sean Bean
    Game of Thrones fans all over the Internet are feeling their collective jaws dropping at he exit of Sean Bean's character from the popular miniseries.
  • Nebraska Nuclear Plant in Jeopardy
    An American Nuclear Plant Emergency not being covered by Google News as of yet due to a glut of news about Anthony Weiner - Read Here for the latest news on what could be a nuclear disaster right in the heart of America.
  • Selden Man Killed Whitewater Rafting Near Sparrow Bush
    People die on the Delaware River every year: don't be one of them. This simple list of rules and suggestions will keep you safe while rafting or canoeing the whitewater of the Delaware River.
  • Your Mailman May Disappear
    I was told that "the postal carrier missed the form and your mail is on the truck." I nearly fainted. "What?!" was all that I could blurt out. "How am I supposed to get my mail? Can anyone do something?" The answer that I got was no.
  • Tom Jones: How Old is He?
    His signature pointy boots and well-tailored suit hung well on him, giving the illusion that he was not quite old, despite his white hair and beard.
  • American Idol Fans Divided Over Voting System
    A brief glimpse of previous voting fraud practices such as "phone freaking" and computer hacking reveals a voting system made to be rigged.
  • Harold Camping: Rainmaker Money Taker
    The sad fact is that he will probably gain more money from those who hadn't listened before, and from those who gave everything away.
  • How to Practice on a Musical Instrument
    So you want to make the most out of any practicing that you do, without having to drag it out? I'm going to supply some simple steps that will make practicing each day a much more profitable venture for you.
  • William Shatner: An Obsession
    Then I'd soak in every word, ever Shatnerian nuance, and go back to my bedroom dreaming of Captain Kirk, again.
  • Sherlock Wins BAFTAS
    Last year writers promised Sherlock: fans up and down that they were in talks to see when Sherlock would return, but instead put forth all of their creative powers into Dr. Who.
  • Daedone Orgasmic Meditation
    40-something Daedone teaches how to have sex without having sex. She talks with her hands, gesturing wildly, as if she's excited herself.
  • Rapture Party, or Stay In?
    What do you plan to do at the "time of the rapture"? Will you be partying, relaxing, watching the news? I plan something different...
  • End of the World, May 21st?
    Clueless as to what's supposedly going to hapen on May 21st? Read here to learn about the different versions of this End of The World event, and why some believe it won't happen the way Harold Camping said it will.
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