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Cherri Megasko

Cherri's passions are the environment, adventure travel and exotic foods. She recently moved to a Shenandoah Valley homestead where she lives with her husband, dogs, chickens and 12.6 acres of woodland creatures.

Through her writing, Cherri is able to share her passions with others in hopes to educate, enlighten and entertain.
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B.S.B.A. / Marketing, A.A.S./ Management, A.A.S. / Public Relations, A.S. / Environmental Science


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  • Unique ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers
    Thanksgiving is a wonderful blend of food, family and fun. Unfortunately, the day after isn’t so festive. Here are some unique new ways to deal with Thanksgiving leftovers that will put some pizazz back in your day after Thanksgiving.
  • Mom's Best Casserole Recipes: Shepherd's Pie and Baked Pasta Marinara
    Growing up one of our family’s favorite meals was meatloaf and mashed potatoes. We liked it so much, my mom would make extra so she could use the leftovers to make her version of Shepherd’s Pie. Here’s her recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
  • Best advice for new pet owners
    The first few weeks with your new pet sets the stage for his behavior for a lifetime. Making the time and financial commitment to do things right is critical to a happy relationship. Here are some tips to ensure your new pet is well-behaved and healthy.
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  • Thanksgiving dinner dangers for your dog
    Everyone loves Thanksgiving. For many of us, it’s our favorite holiday of the year. But for our dogs, the food we enjoy on Thanksgiving can be a dangerous threat. Many of the foods we prepare for our holiday feast can be toxic to our dogs.
  • Thanksgiving safety tips for your pet
    Thanksgiving is an exciting time for everyone. The aromas of Thanksgiving dinner and all the extra people make things lively and stimulating. But Thanksgiving can be a dangerous day for our pets. Help keep them safe by following a few simple guidelines.
  • Freezing meals to save time and money
    Our lives are overflowing with work, soccer games, dentist appointments and dinner. It’s not always possible to prepare a meal before activities. Freezing meals ahead of time is a great alternative to expensive restaurants and unhealthy fast-food.
  • Halloween cocktail recipes to die for
    Adult Halloween parties are tons more fun than bobbing for apples or pinning the stem on the Jack-o-lantern. When you serve these three gruesomely grand adult beverages, you’ll be the undisputed Queen of Halloween.
  • Life lessons we learn from dogs
    You don’t have to have a college degree to be wise. Sometimes the best lessons in life are learned from unlikely sources. One of those sources is our dogs.
  • Is your child dog savvy?
    Are your kids dog savvy? Do they know what to do if they are approached by a stray or how to respond to a frightened or threatened dog? Taking the time to educate them about safety around dogs could help prevent dangerous encounters.
  • Make cozy fall comfort foods healthier
    I grew up in a southern kitchen where even our desserts were fried! I was in my twenties before I realized not all people ate that way. I still enjoy the cozy fall comfort foods of my childhood, but with some simple modifications that make them healthier.
  • Easy apple cider recipes to drink and eat
    With only about 120 calories and 7mg of sodium per one-cup serving, apple cider is a nutritious way to please my entire family, both as a warming fall drink or in savory suppers.
  • 10 essential tips for canning summer vegetables
    Growing up on a farm I learned to can vegetables from our garden. From cucumbers to carrots, every last savory bite was preserved. But there are a lot of things to consider before canning vegetables – taste, safety and nutritional value are just a few.
  • Back-to-school: Tips for obedience classes with your dog
    Regardless of your dog’s personality, there’s at least one thing they all have in common: they need training. Choosing the right type of training for your dog at the appropriate time can help ensure a safe and happy family.
  • Choosing the right pet for your kid's age
    There are many things to consider before getting a pet for your child, and age appropriateness is one of the most important. Matching the pet to your child’s age and abilities can help ensure the relationship is a positive one.
  • Tips to prevent your dog's back-to-school blues
    Our companionship is just as important to our dogs as theirs is to us. It can be really hard on them when our kids go back to school in the fall. There are things you can do to ease their anxiety, however, and help ensure a low-stress transition.
  • Top 5 points of etiquette for urban dog owners
    City-dwellers do love their dogs! But cramped quarters impose different rules of engagement. Out of respect to others, dog owners in urban areas should live by a stricter code of conduct. Here are the top five points of etiquette for urban dog owners.
  • 5 ways to go green for pets
    As an animal lover and steward of our earth, I am always looking for ways to be a greener pet owner. It didn’t take much consideration before I identified several ways we are able to lessen our pets’ carbon paw print. Here are just a few.
  • Best ways to bond with a new puppy
    Getting a new puppy is one of the coolest things on earth, and conscientious owners are careful to give their puppies everything they need. But what about bonding with your puppy? Are there things we can do to make our bond stronger?
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  • Benefits of playing with your dog outside
    There are some inherent benefits to playing with your dog outside. Allowing them to run without having to worry about broken lamps or overturned chairs is just one of those benefits. It can be healthier for your dog as well. Here’s why.
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  • Safety tips for your dog and cat during the Fourth of July
    The Fourth of July is a scary and dangerous time for pets. Even those of us who normally have our pets front and center need to take special precautions when it comes to July 4th. Anticipating and avoiding hazards is the best way to keep our pets safe.
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  • 3 of the happiest moments with my dog
    Having dogs is one of the greatest joys in my life. They give me so much pleasure that it’s hard to separate out the single greatest moments. But now that Tucker is gone, those extraordinarily special moments have risen to the top.
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  • Fourth of July crafts for kids
    Everybody loves the Fourth of July, and if your kids are like mine, they can’t wait to see the fireworks. Take their mind off the wait by setting up a craft tale to keep them busy until dark.
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  • Benefits of off-leash dog parks
    Even the best-cared-for dogs can suffer from poor socialization skills and boredom. One way to provide this is by taking them to an off-leash dog park. Here, they are allowed to run free while playing and socializing with other “like-minded” friends.
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  • Best summer activities for you and your dog
    We’re not the only ones who look forward to the recreational activities that summertime brings. Our dogs love getting out into the great outdoors as well. So the next time you’re planning a summer outing, be sure to include Fido in your plans.
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  • Playtime with my dog alleviates stress
    Our dogs can actually make us healthier and help us live longer. One of the ways they do this is by reducing our level of stress. For me, playtime with my dogs is a great stress reliever that I look forward to each and every day.
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  • The joys of owning a dog
    For anyone who has never had a dog, it may be hard to understand what joy they bring into a person’s life. For those of us who do have dogs, it’s hard to imagine life without them.
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  • My dogs made my family stronger
    My husband and I had only been together as a couple for five months when his job took him 1000 miles away. Thank goodness he left his two miniature schnauzers with me while he was away. They may have saved my marriage.
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  • Hosting guests with dietary restrictions or food allergies
    For those of us who take pride in making our guests feel at home, company with dietary restrictions can pose special challenges. In order to avoid awkward moments at the dinner table, you should take the time to plan and prepare in advance.
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  • Hosting a party with class
    It's true. Some people are impressed by big houses and fancy cars. But you don't need showy possessions to make a good impression. Just be welcoming, respectful and positive, and you'll be the classiest hostess this side of Stepford!
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  • How to get the most from your housekeeper
    Managing a housekeeper can be frustrating at times, so I let the Golden Rule be my guide. There is some strategy involved, however, and attention to detail can result in a more pleasant – and clean – experience.
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  • 5 ways to make overnight guests feel at home
    As hostess, it’s our job to anticipate the needs of our guests. Making sure they have everything they need so that they don’t have to ask for it is central to that strategy. Here are five ways you can silently earn Hostess of the Year!
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  • Get active as a family with your pet
    Being active as a family is a great way to stay fit. Including the family pet in your activities helps the family bond and share in the responsibilities of pet ownership. All you need is the desire to be active and to spend time with your family and pets.
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  • How kids can benefit from having a dog
    Your kids want a dog, but you say, “No way!” Hold on – there is mounting evidence suggesting that having a dog can be beneficial to your children in many different ways. So before you make up your mind, take a look at some of these findings.
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  • Strengthen your family relationship with a dog
    A lot has been written about how dog ownership is good for you. But can the same positive influences of having a dog make a family stronger as well? Absolutely. Here’s how you can strengthen your family bond by adding a dog to your family unit.
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  • Safe car travel with your pet
    Traveling in the car with your pets is a fun and natural way to enjoy time away from home. Precautions should be taken, however, to ensure their safety as well as your own. Here are some travel tips to keep your pets safe in the car.
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  • Summer safety tips for your dog at the park
    Taking your dog to the park is a great way for both of you to get some fresh air and exercise. But summertime brings with it potential hazards that you may not experience during other times of the year. Here are some potential dangers to watch out for.
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  • Hosting a pet-friendly summer soirée
    Summer is a great time to entertain. Both barbecues and pool parties are fun and relaxing ways to enjoy the season. But there’s no need to lock away the pets when friends come calling. They can be an important part of the fun as well.
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  • Summer road trip packing list for your dog
    Nothing screams summer fun like a road trip. They can be even more enjoyable when we bring along the family dog. But anything can happen when you’re on the road, and being prepared can make the difference between an awesome trip and a miserable one.
  • Tips for teaching your dog to swim
    Contrary to what many people believe, not all dogs are good swimmers. Depending on how frightened your dog is of the water, teaching him to swim may take several weeks. Like anything else, the key to success is patience and persistence.
  • Train your dog to fetch
    Most dogs learn the “retrieve” part of fetch pretty easily. It’s the “bring it back to me” and “drop it” parts that take a little longer. Like anything else you teach your dog, success can be found in patience and persistence.
  • Hot weather tips for your dog
    Summer can be a dangerous time for our dogs. Scorching sun, high temperatures, and staggering humidity can affect our dogs in many of the same ways they affect us. Here are some tips to help keep your dog cool and safe this summer.
  • Summer exercise tips for you and your dog
    Summertime provides exercise options we don’t always enjoy during winter. Blazing sun and a high heat index, however, can quickly turn a fun outing into a heat-related emergency. Check out these summer exercise tips that keep us safe from summer’s wrath.
  • Tips for taking your dog camping
    Camping is an awesome summertime activity that can be made even better by bringing along the family dog. But before you load Fido into the car, be sure you’ve done your homework. Not all camping situations are conducive to pets.
  • 5 ways to bond with your dog
    Bonding with a puppy is easy. However, bonding with an older dog – especially a rescue that may have been neglected or abused – is more difficult. There are ways, however, that you can help your dog trust you, and develop a bond that will last a lifetime.
  • Summertime safety for puppies
    High temperatures and blazing sun can be hazardous for curious puppies. Their systems are more delicate than adult dogs, and their natural curiosity makes them at risk for environmental hazards as well.
  • 6 rules for a successful vet visit
    For anyone with a dog, visits to the vet are inevitable. Although the visits aren’t always something we look forward to, there are rules we can follow to make the visit less stressful for both us and our dogs.
  • Bring out the best in your dog
    Our dogs have an innate desire to please us. It’s up to us, however, to provide an environment for and foster a relationship with our dogs that make that possible. Here’s how to bring out the best in your dog.
  • Dealing with small dog syndrome
    Blame it on the dog! That phrase may bring a smile to our face as we remember quips like, “The dog ate my homework.” We have a tendency to blame a lot of things on our dogs that are actually our faults. Small Dog Syndrome is one of those things.
  • Toys to keep your dog smart
    Come on, admit it! You’ve bragged to friends about how smart your dog is, haven’t you? That’s OK – we all do it. But dogs need enrichment to continue to learn. Here are five ‘smart toys’ for dogs that challenge their abilities and intelligence.
  • Antioxidant-Rich Dinners for Glowing Skin
    We can hardly turn on the television or visit our favorite news sites these days without hearing something about the health benefits of antioxidants. But do antioxidants play a role in keeping our complexion fresh and healthy as well? Indeed they do!
  • 3 things every dog lover should know
    Loving your dog is easy, but it takes more than love to keep him healthy and safe. Dogs need a variety of care to ensure their lives are secure and comfortable. Here are three things every dog lover should know about the health and safety of their dogs.
  • 5 things pets teach us about relationships
    We have a tendency to take our pets at face value. The truth is, however, they can teach us many valuable lessons in life, especially when it comes to our relationships.
  • Healthier Iced Drinks for Swimsuit Season
    Who doesn’t love a poolside gathering with a few of your closest friends? Those cold beverages, however, can make swimsuit season a little less joyful. Here are some healthy alternatives to some of the season’s most popular potables.
  • Are dogs colorblind?
    We often hear that dogs are colorblind, but what does that really mean? Are they limited to seeing just black, white, and shades of gray? The truth is, dogs do have limited capacity to see color. That doesn’t, however, put them at any great disadvantage.
  • How to be a more eco-friendly dog owner
    Many of us have already turned down our thermostats and placed a brick in our toilet tanks. Taking our dog’s carbon footprint into consideration as we try to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle seems like a logical next step.
  • 5 easy ways to stretch your pet budget
    Although pet ownership comes with costs no matter how well we shop and compare, a thrifty pet owner can stretch their pet budget significantly with a little extra effort and attention.
  • 3 habits to teach your puppy
    Potty training and commands like sit and stay are the first things we teach our puppies, but what other things might come in handy as they get older? Here are three habits to teach your puppy that will make your life much easier in the years to come.
  • Keep the garden safe for your pet
    Nothing gives us pleasure like a beautiful, perfectly maintained garden. For those of us who have pets, however, the perfect garden is a horticultural challenge. Do your research before planting to ensure your garden is a beautiful and safe place for all.
  • How to pack for your pet
    Traveling with your pets can be an exciting, adventure-filled experience. Planning in advance and packing logically can ensure those adventures turn into happy memories. Here’s how.
  • A dog's routine helps keep him stress-free and healthy
    Keeping your dog on a strict schedule or routine will help keep him happier and stress-free. Here are some areas where schedules are most important.
  • Creature comforts: Moving with your dog
    Moving can be a stressful time for the whole family. Amid all the chaos, don’t forget that your dog can sense these stresses, too. Here are some things I have learned along the way that will help make a move more comfortable for your pooch.
  • Natural solutions to remove pet odors
    In this time of toxic spills and poisoned air we should each do our part to reduce the amount of toxins we introduce into our environment. Cleaning up after our pets with non-toxic home remedies is one way we can help preserve our environment.
  • Fresh and light spring recipe: Asian chicken salad lettuce wraps
    Playing with your food has never been so much fun. Get the whole family in on the act with these fresh and light Asian chicken salad lettuce wraps ... they’re the perfect way to usher in the beginning of spring.
  • Quick and easy stuffed potato toppers for St. Patrick’s Day
    Nothing is more Irish than a potato, and serving up these stuffed versions will please even your pickiest leprechauns. Glazed carrots, Irish soda bread and green lemonade make great St. Patrick’s Day accompaniments.
  • Fun tips for naming your pet
    When I was a little kid I had two different dogs named “Jack” … at the same time. Here are some tips for naming your pet that promise lots more creativity and fun.
  • 5 benefits of multiple pets
    I have four dogs, and although many of my friends and family think that makes me a little strange, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Having multiple pets actually provides benefits that having a single pet does not.
  • Tips for finding the perfect pet sitter
    Taking the time to find a sitter you know you can trust will allow you to relax while away and to enjoy your trip. Once found, nurture the relationship like a close friendship, and if you’re lucky, you won’t have to find another sitter for a long time.
  • Are dog owners happier?
    One of the greatest feelings in the world is when I walk in my front door and am greeted by my dogs. Now there is scientific evidence that suggests dogs do more than just make you feel good. They actually make you healthier as well.
  • New baby, my pets, and me: Ensuring a lifelong bond
    As an expectant mother with pets, you’re likely to feel anxious about how your pets will react to your new arrival. But with a fair amount of preparation and a little bit of patience you can facilitate a bond that will produce lifelong memories.
  • Easy ways to help your dog burn calories
    An estimated 20 percent of dogs in the U.S. are either overweight or obese. This can lead to heart disease, joint problems, and diabetes.
  • House guests and your pets – Avoiding the great divide
    When guests arrive we get a sobering reminder of why it’s important to make our pets behave, even if their questionable behaviors don’t bother us. Here are some tips to help them behave when you have company.
  • Who’s chasing whom? The truth about cats and dogs
    For decades Saturday morning television has delivered endless cartoon episodes of dogs chasing cats. In reality however, a cat is just as likely to chase a dog as the other way around.
  • How to approach a shy or timid pet
    The moniker of “fraidy cat” takes on a whole new meaning when you’re living with a shy or timid pet. Here are some easy tips to help bring your pet out of his social shell.
  • How pets have strengthened my marriage
    For those of us who love our pets dearly, trying to share our lives with someone who doesn’t could – and often does – cause a multitude of problems. Here are some specific ways, however, that pets can help strengthen a relationship.
  • Superstitions of Friday the 13th - from sinking ships to dreaded dreams
    Some people fear Friday the 13th so dreadfully that they are reluctant to even leave their homes. In addition to the day being a magnet for all things malevolent, many specific superstitions have grown up in the shadow of this ominous day.
  • Introducing a second pet into your family
    So you’re adding a second pet? Here are some tips to help ensure a smooth and happy transition.
  • Soup from leftovers -- exploring your culinary creativity
    So your refrigerator is filled with leftovers. Even though they’re still good, you just can’t bring yourself to eat chicken stir-fry one more time. Go ahead. Clean out that fridge … and make soup!
  • Christmas: It’s not just for Christians anymore
    Like some sort of magical spell ushered in by the simple turning of a calendar page, American society’s character changes in the month of December.
  • Condiments: Using pico de gallo to brighten flavors and add contrast
    When many people think of condiments, they think of ketchup, mustard and mayo. I think of pico de gallo or salsa fresca, as it is also known. I use it on a variety of dishes to brighten a flavor or give that extra punch of contrast between hot and cold.
  • Why I hate Thanksgiving
    For some people, Thanksgiving is their favorite day of the year. It’s a day where kids can be kids and everyone can eat as much as they want without feeling guilty. Everyone participates; no one argues, and smiles can be found all around. I hate it!
  • Homemade soup: Preparing your freezer and pantry
    By freezing leftovers and adding a couple of staples to your pantry, you can be sure to always have on-hand the ingredients for a delicious, homemade soup. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, and your family will love you for it.
  • Transforming leftovers into new, delicious dinners
    When the family asks what’s for dinner, “leftovers” is probably not the response they want to hear. Here’s a quick and easy way to turn leftover meatloaf and mashed potatoes into a delicious dinner of Shepherd’s Pie.
  • Alternatives for a healthier Thanksgiving feast
    As much as we all love and look forward to Thanksgiving dinner, it does have a tendency to pack on the pounds. This year, why not tweak your traditional recipes just a little, and provide a healthy and delicious holiday dinner your family will love?
  • Thanksgiving cranberry citrus nut compote
    This cranberry dish is a great way to add a little sweetness to your holiday dinner. It’s easy to make and can be prepared in advance. Be careful though. You may want to push it to the back of the fridge if you want to ensure there’s any left for dinner!
  • Up and to the left: A day to honor and thank our veterans
    If you have a veteran in your circle of friends, family, bowling league or car pool, please reach out to them on Veterans Day and let them know how much you appreciate their sacrifices. I can assure you that your life would not be the same without them.
  • How to host a tapas potluck
    The wonderful thing about a tapas party is that it’s perfect for any occasion, any time of year. Your guests will not only appreciate the delicious food and great company, they’ll secretly revel in being able to show off their cooking prowess as well!
  • Interactive meals to get your family back to the table
    Getting your family at the table together isn’t easy. Between volleyball, dance, soccer and piano, kids lead very hectic lives. When you do have an opening on the calendar, seize the moment and ensure they’ll be happy to spend that free evening at home.
  • Step-wedding drama
    If you're a parent and step-parent, chances are you've struggled with trying to treat all the kids the same. Unfortunately, that drama does not end when they become adults, and wedding planning may present you with the biggest challenge of all.
  • Winterize Your Life
    Winter will be here before you know it, and for those living in cold-weather climates, it's time to start thinking about preparing your life for the cold. Being prepared before the change of seasons can save you money and stress.
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