Cherri Megasko

Cherri Megasko

Cherri's passions are the environment, adventure travel and exotic foods. She recently moved to a Shenandoah Valley homestead where she lives with her husband, dogs, chickens and 12.6 acres of woodland creatures.

Through her writing, Cherri is able to share her passions with others in hopes to educate, enlighten and entertain.
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B.S.B.A. / Marketing, A.A.S./ Management, A.A.S. / Public Relations, A.S. / Environmental Science


Take responsibility and be accountable. Own your actions.
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  • First Person: Making Purchasing Decisions for My Small Business
    Deciding when to make non-essential purchases for my small business is always a challenge. For instance, my laptop is missing keys and has a cracked cover. Should I replace it due to its condition or wait until it quits and becomes an emergency expense?
  • First Person: The Economic Downturn Has Been Good for My Consulting Business
    I used to worry that when the economy got bad, my business would suffer. That has been the case in these recent economic troubles. Due to cutbacks and layoffs within the organizations that I consult for, demand for my hours has actually increased.
  • First Person: Expanding My Service Offerings Helps Keep Me Working
    As a direct marketing consultant most of my work is provided in a specific area. However, when times are tight and hours are few, I have found that expanding my service offerings increases my market and brings more opportunity for work.
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  • First Person: Protecting My Perceived Value on the Job
    Most of us would admit that, at least to a certain extent, we live by the mantra “You get what you pay for.” Over the years I’ve kept this in mind while pricing my business services. Price point has everything to do with position in the marketplace.
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  • First Person: Living for Today vs. Saving for Tomorrow
    My husband and I are a few years away from retirement, and have recently changed our financial philosophy. Instead of saving as much as we can to build our retirement nest egg, we have begun saving less and tolerating a bit of debt. Here’s why.
  • First Person: Why ‘Fun Money’ Budgeting Works for Me
    My husband and I are fortunate enough to live comfortably. Even so, there used to be things I wanted to spend on from time to time that made me feel a little guilty. Then my daughter introduced me to the concept of ‘Fun Money.” Here’s how it works for me.
  • First Person: I'm Offering 24/7 Service to Retain Business
    With the number of independent consultants growing every day, making yourself and the services you offer stand out is becoming more and more challenging. Offering virtually 24/7 service is something that has worked for me.
  • First Person: Promoting My Business on $500 a Year
    As a small business owner I am often solicited by local businesses and organizations for advertising. Although it’s tempting to support my local community, my limited advertising and promotional funds have to be carefully strategized and targeted.
  • First Person: The Reality of 'Yo-Yo Budgeting'
    Most people are familiar with the term “yo-yo dieting,” referring to people who frequently rotate between dieting and feasting. The same type of extreme behavior can be found in the world of personal finance as well. I call it “yo-yo budgeting.”
  • First Person: My 'I Quit' Number Is a Cool Three Quarter Million
    30 years ago, if someone had offered me $50,000 I would have quit my job, loaded up the dog and hit the road. Things were a lot simpler then. To toss in the towel today, it would take a cool $750,000.
  • First Person: Affordable Ways I Reward My Small Business Employees
    What type of benefit can small businesses afford to reward employees for a job well done? How about paid time off, over and above their regular vacation benefits? This reward has helped me retain employees and keep morale high in my small business.
  • First Person: Outsourcing Saved My Small Business $80,000 Last Year
    Although there are times when having an employee on-site is essential to the requirements of the job, many tasks, projects and even positions can easily be filled with contractors who do the same job with little to no overhead expense.
  • First Person: The Time Was Right to Close My Small Business
    For many small business owners, the term “close of business” has taken on a whole new meaning in this down-turned economy. There are reasons other than the economy that a small business owner may decide to close her doors, however.
  • First Person: My American Dream Is to Be Proud of My Choices
    For me, the American Dream can be expressed in one word: choice. My American Dream is to be proud of my choices, not just prosperous because of them.
  • First Person: Cultivating My Small Business Employees
    Like many other things in small business, cultivating your employees to successfully manage your business can be challenging. In my personal experience, sticking to the R.I.S.E. formula has worked well. Recognition, Investment, Support & Empowerment
  • First Person: Learning to Delegate
    A characteristic of entrepreneurs is that they often feel like they need to do everything themselves. Here are the steps I took to break out of the “I can do it better and faster myself” mentality to achieve an efficiently run business and balanced life.
  • First Person: Why My Business Expansion Failed
    A few years ago I decided it was time to expand my business and manage the process rather than be the process. I hired some top-notch people and started dreaming of how I would spend all my extra income. Those dreams were short-lived.
  • First Person: Teaching My Nine-Year-Old the Basics of Business
    When my daughter was nine she started showing an entrepreneurial spirit. She would buy things at garage sales and then resell them to friends at a profit. I decided to take advantage of her motivation and teach her the basics of owning her own business.
  • First Person: Bartering My Business Services
    Bartering for business services is a creative way I am able to procure some of the products and/or services I need for my business without having to lay out my much needed cash.
  • First Person: Writing Press Releases That Work for My Small Business
    Getting a press release published isn’t as easy as just writing a fluff piece on my business. Through the years I have learned what publications expect, and what types of releases are more likely to get noticed than others.
  • First Person: Maintaining My Charitable Donations on a Reduced Income
    As the downturn in our economy has worsened, so has my income. I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to donate money to my favorite charities, and have had to come up with creative ways to keep giving.
  • First Person: Keeping My Small Business Green
    As a small business owner, limited budgets and over-extended staff make it difficult to keep up with my larger competitors. But there’s one area where I’m not only able to keep up, but I actually lead: Keeping my office Green.
  • First Person: 7 Steps to Successful Small Business Project Management
    A competent Project Manager (PM) can often be the difference between a successful project and a dismal failure. But even the best PMs occasionally encounter show-stopping obstacles. Here are seven steps to make the project management road less bumpy.
  • First Person: How I Manage Client Expectations
    Those of us who depend on client work for our incomes know how important it is to keep our clients happy. But what do you do when your clients seem to be more trouble than they're worth? The answer is: Learn how to manage your clients' expectations.
  • First Person: How I Generate Prospects Through Public Speaking
    For small business owners and the self-employed, generating new business is always on our minds. For me, speaking engagements have resulted in additional clients, which have made my investment of time a successful one.
  • First Person: The Zero Budget Small Business Marketing Campaign
    Having a zero budget for marketing my small business doesn't mean I can't still market it. I just have to be more creative and resourceful. Here are some key components to a successful marketing campaign that have worked well for me on a zero budget.

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