Glenn Lingle

I am a freelance writer currently living in Astoria, Oregon. I enjoy skiing, camping, surfing, writing and photography.
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  • Beware of Fraud in Internet Cafes When Traveling
    How I dealt with a case of internet fraud that stemmed from using an internet cafe while traveling outside the United States.
  • In Mendoza: Touring Argentina's Wine Country
    Argentina offers some of the most high quality and affordable wine on Earth. The Mendoza province is a playground for wine enthusiasts.
  • Winter Activites in Fairbanks Alaska
    While most visit Fairbanks Alaska during the summer months, for those who enjoy outdoor sports, a wintertime trip to Alaska can be incredibly rewarding.
  • Go Where the Sun Never Sets - Alaska Summers
    With an area one-fifth the size of the lower 48 states and a population less than your average sized city, Alaska has more wildernesses that it knows what to do with.
  • Cold Weather Survival
    Survival hinges on several factors. Maintaining a positive attitude and being prepared are the two most important things when heading outside, especially when the mercury drops and the line between life and death becomes sharper.

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