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Molli Megasko

Molli is a marketing and communication professional specializing in all aspects of public relations. She's considers herself a huge book nerd and loves anything reality TV. She joined AC to expand her writing capabilities and to meet like-people.

You can find her writing about the top restaurants, marketing topics, and personal experiences that are worth sharing.
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  • Summer Reading List
    10 books worth reading this summer and why.
  • The Three Stages of the Entrepreneurial Mind
    I've created a chart outlining the stages of an entrepreneurial mind to help the rest of us make it less lonely for our beloved CEOs.
  • Three Things They Don't Teach You in Business School
    Yes, I've learned about marketing, HR and management theories, a dibble-dabble in finance, but there are three main ideas that have been presenting themselves to me as I reach my half-a-decade-mark that I would like to share with you.
  • Five Things I Want to Tell Mark Zuckerberg to His Face
    After reading the New York Times article about the idea of a Facebook phone, I can't keep quiet anymore. I've outlined five things I would like to say to Mark Zuckerberg.
  • The Google Art Project, Free Access to Museums
    Using the same technology as Google street view, you can tour and navigate room to room within a variety of museums across the globe.
  • Building Business New Year's Resolutions
    I've taken the liberty to supply you with New Year's marketing resolutions.
  • Anti-Tracking Internet Browsers
    With the FTC endorsement addressing advertisers to limit the amount of behavioral Web tracking, the FTC countered their declaration by reaching out to the Web developers asking them to include anti-tracking functions into their software.
  • Facebook Impressions and Feedback
    Using Facebook analytics for company pages
  • Billboard Chart Goes Social (50)
    The infamous Billboard music chart is keeping up with the times by launching the Social 50 Music Chart. The new list will track based on page views, number of fans and followers, online song plays, and streams to external pages.
  • Travelers Are My Biggest Complaint?
    If other travelers are your biggest complaint this season like mine, join me and donate $10 this holiday season to save the life of two children in Africa from malaria.
  • Top Five Books to Read Before the New Year
    Being an avid reader and hopping from Chicago to New York City books clubs, I've listed out my top five favorite books that are sure to come up in conversations around the dinner table.
  • Is Neuromarketing Good for Us?
    The idea behind neuromarketing is that advertisers tap into our subconscious, causing deep responses to certain stimuli.
  • Brooklyn Heights Has Roaches, Too
    NYC neighborhood cockroach map updates weekly based on restaurant inspections.
  • Shake Shack Opening Doors in Downtown Brooklyn
    Shake Sack, the modern day "roadside" burger joint, is set to open in Downtown Brooklyn in 2011 and is taking over Tony's Famous Pizza space at the Fulton Street Mall.
  • Can a Tweet Be More Effective Than a Super Bowl Ad?
    Ford Motor Company believes that social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can gain them greater word-of-mouth opportunities within their target audiences for less money than Super Bowl ads.
  • The Brooklyn Academy of Music Offers Possibilities in Fort Greene
    The Brooklyn Academy of Music is not just for education, with an opera house, a theater, a four-screen cinema, the BAMcafé Live, and a restaurant and bar there is always something to be seen any day of the week.
  • How to Have a Modern, Inexpensive Thanksgiving in the City
    With air travel more expensive than ever, a lot of city-folk are contemplating stay-cations for the holidays. This means starting new traditions and opportunities to cook what you like.
  • Bored to Death Makes Vinegar Hill Cool Again
    HBO TV series "Bored to Death" will be back for a third season. We can expect more crazy storylines as well beautiful shots of how Brooklyn should be viewed.
  • Viral Video Campaign: It Gets Better
    Just four weeks ago, after the horrible news of tragic teenage suicides (due to being bullied to the point where they thought ending their lives was the easier decision), Dan Savage started the viral campaign with messages of how it does get better.
  • It's Getting Brighter for Murray Hill
    The 91 restaurants included in the Bib Gourmand are restaurants that would usually not deserve an actual Michelin Star, but are being acknowledged for their quality food at reasonable prices.
  • Fort Greene Express to U Street in Washington, D.C.
    This $40 roundtrip bus goes straight from the U Street Cadozo Metro Station in Washington, D.C. to Fort Greene's Atlantic terminal at Flatbush and Fourth Street.
  • The Best View in New York City is in Brooklyn Heights
    Some of the most famous and seen images of the NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty have been taken from the Promenade. But Brooklyn Heights known for more than the picturesque views and the history.
  • Does Awareness Count as Marketing Results?
    It's hard to quantify how "awareness" equates to "results." It's like trying to measure the value of goodwill. Have we, as marketing professionals, stopped trying as hard to deliver results and started focusing more on simple awareness?
  • Carroll Gardens and the Toxic Gowanus Canal
    The Environmental Protection Agency has placed the Gowanus Canal on its Superfund National Priorities List and there are plans for a 15-year, multi-million dollar clean-up strategy.
  • DUMBO, Brooklyn Home to Etsy Labs
    Etsy Labs made roots in DUMBO just more than a year ago and they stay just as creative inside their cubicles as when you leave the office and explore the neighborhood.
  • Breast Cancer Mystery Messages
    Last year to raise awareness of breast cancer, women were asked to post the color of their bra, ultimately getting their friends to ask them what it was all about.
  • Three Facebook Apps No Company Should Be Without
    Step-by-step guide on how to set up the three Facebook apps no company should be without.
  • Prospect Heights New Home to the Nets
    The new arena is set to build in what is known as Atlantic Yards, and will see a lot of change. And change is what the location needs. Currently unused and not taken care of, Atlantic Yards is a sore to the neighborhood as a whole.
  • Steve Jobs Answers Emails
    Steve Jobs personally responds to almost every email that make it to his inbox while, of course, running one of the world's most successful brands. But bad things can happen when billionaires get a little annoyed.
  • Keep a Breast Foundation: I Love Boobies Campaign
    Keep A Breast Foundation is a non-profit org whose goal is to raise awareness of breast cancer '" to younger generations - and they've had great success.
  • Book Review: World Wide Rave by David Meerman Scott
    His idea is a different kind of marketing. You can hire sales people, you can spend a lot of money on advertising, you can do media relations OR you can create a trigger that is "spreadable," something people want to share.
  • Are Digital Devices Making Us Less Creative?
    Digital devices are altering our thinking and lessening our ability to brainstorm and be creative.
  • Park Slope Food Co-op Means More Than Saving Money
    Is working for your food worth the savings? For most the answer is no, but it's not just about the savings. It's about being a part of something good, healthy, and environmentally responsible.

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