Vicki Perry

Vicki Perry

Vicki has written for several magazines such as StyleList, AOL Travel News, and others. A couple of articles appear in the Jonestown Report. She is writing for, as the Eugene Comedy Movie Examiner. Vicki also has articles at Suite 101.
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North Eugene High School, Lane Community College


Live life to the fullest. Live, laugh, love at least once a day.


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  • Jonestown Memorial Plaques Laid in California Cemetery
    After disagreements settled in a California court, four new plaques were laid in Evergreen Cemetery to honor the 918 people who died in Jonestown, Guyana, Nov. 18, 1978.
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  • Gardening Tips for Vegetable Gardening
    Vegetable gardening is quite rewarding. Following a few gardening tips, planting some fruits and vegetables and you're a gardening pro in no time!
  • Gardening Tips for Butterfly Gardening
    Gardening tips for creating a beautiful butterfly garden.
  • Fall in Eugene, Oregon
    Eugene Oregon is beautiful with lush forested areas, but add some fall colors and you have a picturesque viewing of what fall is.
  • Jonestown Memorial Plaques Announced
    At a graveside service at Evergreen Cemetery, it was announced four plaques bearing the 918 names of those who died will be laid by next year.
  • The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse
    There are many lighthouses along the Oregon and Washington coastline. The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse is one. If you're a lighthouse fan, this one is not only defined as beautiful, but has a history.
  • Cape Meares Lighthouse - Another Beauty Along Oregon/Washington Coastline
    Lighthouses have always been a part of our history. While some are disabled and others are still saving lives, these beauties hold many tales of the keepers and families that resided in them.
  • Yaquina Head Lighthouse
    Standing a majestic 93 feet in the air, the Yaquina Head Lighthouse is one of the favorites among lighthouse enthusists.
  • The Quaids
    Randy Quaid and his wife, Evi, have been in the news recently after being arrested in Canada for charges of burglary and squatting. They failed to appear for a hearing in the case.
  • Spectacular Fall in Eugene Oregon
    Fall in the Pacific Northwest is nothing short of spectacular. Eugene Oregon has many gorgeous views, especially along the Willamette River.
  • Striated Caracara, or Johnny Rook Bird
    The Johnny Rook bird is an ornery fowl that is curious about everything around it. These birds even attacked a National Geographic campsite, pulling up tent stakes, grabbing food, and wrestled the crew's toilet paper.
  • The House
    The house was built in 1925. It was an inviting old place, although it seemed as though the figure in her nightmares belonged there. There was a connection - she could sense it.
  • Beautifully Cooked Turkey
    This recipe will ensure you the best looking and tasting turkey you have ever eaten! Each moist bite will bring smiles to your guests and family!

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