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Gray Fox holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and has spent 25 years as an aerospace engineer for NASA. He has also served on a U. S. Navy nuclear submarine.
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Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.



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  • Remembering the Space Shuttle Columbia, 10 Years Later
    Ten years ago, I was involved in the Columbia accident investigation. The tragedy affected all of those involved in the aftermath, but the resolve to continue human space flight still abides within us.
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  • Our Rhine River Cruise
    This is a diary of our Rhine River cruise in August 2012.
  • The New Colony
    The Earth was facing destruction, elimination of the population, and in desperation, a small fleet of vehicles leaves to new star systems. This is the story of one of the ships.
  • Review of the Ritz-Carlton at Dove Mountain
    Impressive service and beauty exemplifies our experience at the Ritz-Carlton at Dove Mountain north of Tucson, Arizona.
  • Why Are They Leaving the Space Station?
    The simple answer of why crewmembers are evacuating the International Space Station (ISS) is because launch vehicle reliability is inadequate and the Soyuz capsule has a shelf life (6 months).
  • An Earthquake and Tsunami Story
    Hiroshi and Yuki Kobu began their day, as did most people in Japan, with anticipation and hope for a bright future. The day ended in an amazing battle for survival.
  • A Four-day Valentine Trip to London
    Why would my lovely wife and I go to London (England) for only four days? Our reason was for a Valentine weekend, and since this was an off-season trip, the flight was cheap.
  • What to Expect in a Hurricane
    Experiencing a hurricane may sound exciting, but the excitement soon wears off when you feel the storm and what you see and live through afterwards.
  • Russian Progress Spacecraft Crashes in Siberia
    The Russian Progress 44 supply space craft (unmanned) failed to make orbit today.
  • Multiverses and Men
    The crew of Orion 9, on their way to a near Earth asteroid, encounter an event that changes not only their lives, but the world's; but which world?
  • China: The Next Space Flight Leader?
    This article does not intend to sing praises to the Chinese space program, only to provide a wake up call to the U. S. and NASA.
  • Obama's Sham Space Policy
    The future of human space exploration seems nebulous; there is currently no established human space exploration program, schedule, or destination despite what we hear from politicians.
  • Visiting Prague, Czech Republic
    This is a short diary of our trip to Prague, Czech Republic where you will find information on restaurants, shopping, and places to visit in this classic city.
  • Why NASA Can't Get Out of Low Earth Orbit
    We see space flight from the vantage point of successful programs and missions such as Apollo, space shuttle, and space station. However, many NASA projects and programs have arisen and died mostly due to underfunding and political ideology.
  • My Favorite Church Usher Stories
    Volunteering as a church usher over the years can result in some out of the ordinary stories.
  • Visiting the Pyramids in Egypt for the First Time
    If you ever have the chance to visit the pyramids of Giza, be sure to allow days, not hours, to explore one of the best antiquities on Earth.
  • The First Space Shuttle Mission
    The last space shuttle mission scheduled for July 2011, the 42nd anniversary of Apollo 11, represents the end of an era. Let us look back at the first mission.
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  • Shuttle Re-Entry a Brilliant Cross-Country Fireworks Show
    Witnessing the space shuttle entering the atmosphere at night is a jaw-dropping experience
  • From NASA Veteran: Thank You, Space Shuttle, and Farewell
    The space shuttle program has kept this nation preeminent in human space flight for thirty years, helped build the space station, and provided careers for legions of space nuts.
  • Golfing at Pebble Beach
    For serious golfers, a round a Pebble Beach should be on your "bucket list". It doesn't matter really how well you play, just enjoy the experience.
  • The Future of U. S. Manned Space Flight
    What will happen after the last space shuttle flies this year? When will the next American human space craft fly? The short answers are, not much and not soon.
  • How to See the Last Space Shuttle Launches
    There are only two more scheduled space shuttle launches (as of this writing) and if you have never seen one, this may be your last chance.
  • Witnessing a Space Shuttle Landing
    Though not as loud or visual as a launch, witnessing a space shuttle landing is as exciting when you consider the airliner-sized spacecraft just came from space.
  • Jack the Ripper Tour
    London, England holds many secrets including the notorious tale of Jack the Ripper. Touring the settings of this infamous series of events and other hideous and ghostly stories assures a few chills.
  • Eight Scuba Dive Sites in the Caribbean
    These dive sites are some of my favorites in the Caribbean Sea.
  • Remember the Name: Allen West
    Representative Allen West just brought down the house at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference 2011); look for him at the Republican National Convention and in presidential candidate discussions.
  • Ten Good Old Movies to Watch
    The cliché, they don't make them like they used to certainly applies. These movies spare the viewer of copious foul language or explicit sexual content you see in most movies today. It's just not necessary for good entertainment.
  • Witnessing a Space Shuttle Launch
    The last of the space shuttles will fly this year and if you have never seen a launch of any large spacecraft, this year may be your last chance to see a large rocket launch for a while.
  • Bryce Canyon Slide Show
    An orange and white "cave with no ceiling", Bryce Canyon is a magnificent sculpture, not from a river, but freeze thaw cycles.
  • Intrepid Men Who Walked on the Moon
    Of the seven Apollo missions sent to land on the moon, only one of them failed (Apollo 13), however, a few of the others came dangerously close to failing, as well.
  • Best Space Movies
    Good space movies, in my opinion, are not just social event movies that happen to have a sequence or two of space flight. Space flight should be an integral part of the plot. Below are some of my favorites.
  • Was the Lunar Landing a Hoax?
    There are many published articles dismissing the conspiracy theory that the lunar landings were faked. This article intends to show that the mountains of evidence and the common sense notions should remove all doubts that the landings actually occurred.
  • Successful Human Space Exploration
    To have a viable space exploration program, we have to have a dedicated destination. We need to go somewhere!
  • Best Space Flight Web Sites
    For the budding researcher, here is a short list of authoritative web sites where you can find information for school reports, news, articles, and background information of space flight.
  • Growing Up with Fireworks
    Growing up in the 1950's and 1960's included, in our community, the purchase and exploding of fireworks for Independence Day. How we survived with all of our fingers and eyes is amazing.
  • Riding a Japanese Bullet Train
    Riding the Japan Railways bullet train (shinkansen) is an exciting experience; and the view of Fujiyama is spectacular on a clear day.
  • Why Should We Return to the Moon?
    We have already been to the moon, so why should we return? Discussed here are three reasons for returning (and staying on) the moon.
  • Is Wind Energy the Answer?
    Wind energy is one answer to providing the energy sources the United States will need in the coming decades, but not the ultimate answer.
  • The Making of a Good Husband
    Mom is long gone from this world, but the spirit of her love to train her kids to be good spouses by learning simple household tasks carries on
  • How to Avoid Crowds on a Large Cruise Ship
    Cruise lines are building larger and larger ships to accommodate thousands of passengers. All those folks are seemingly crammed on the ship resulting in inevitable lines and crowded situations, but you can avoid some of these congested conditions.
  • Is Nuclear Power Dangerous?
    Nuclear power is like any other high-energy device; in the wrong hands or with questionable operation, it is quite dangerous. However, with more than adequate controls, it can supply us with immense energy needs.
  • What Is It Like On a Submarine?
    What is life like on a submarine? What are the sensations like; the food; the work; the sounds? What happens when the crew returns to port?
  • 'One Night of Madness' - Book Review
    A book review of 'One Night of Madness' by Stokes McMillan.
  • William Lassell: Astronomer and Brewmeister
    Many of the best known astronomers who helped pioneer astronomy could not have succeeded without the financial resources to do so.
  • The Discovery of Neptune
    Because the discovery of Neptune was calculated by two mathematicians, unknown to each other's efforts, without a telescope, and of different nationalities, the credit for the discovery was fraught with politics, jealousy, and scandal.
  • William Herschel and the Discovery of Uranus
    In recognizing contributions to astronomy it is interesting that some of the most important come from unlikely sources. A German musician and composer in the 18th century added to this list.
  • My Experiences in Japanese Restaurants
    Many Japanese restaurants serve strange food but also serve fare that is compatible with American tastes. However, you should not be afraid to try anything.
  • Alternative Thanksgiving Traditions
    If you don't get any satisfaction celebrating Thanksgiving by pigging out and flopping down in front of the TV watching football all day, then consider starting other Thanksgiving traditions.
  • Christmas Cruise on the Danube
    Included in a Christmas vacation or cruise in Austria or Germany are the many charming Christmas markets.
  • Why Should We Send Humans into Space?
    At some point in our future, we face obliteration from natural events. For our species to survive, we must send humans to into space to one day leave Earth permanently.
  • Traveling in Japan when You Don't Know Japanese Very Well
    Don't be afraid to visit or tour Japan because you are intimidated by the language. You can easily make your way around the cities without being fluent or even conversational in the in Japanese.
  • Are There UFO's?
    We see many videos and accounts of unidentified flying objects particularly on the Internet and newscasts. But are these reports really evidence that we are being visited regularly by alien beings?

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