Caroline E Pollock

Caroline E Pollock

Caroline is the co-founder of Digital Zen Ink, a freelancer, blogger, novelist, single mother, and coffee enthusiast. When not writing she can be found catching re-runs of her favorite crime procedural, cooking, or devouring books.
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BA in History @Christendom College, Paralegal Studies @SPC


Be yourself, b/c the people who mind don't matter; and the people that matter don't mind. Dr. Seuss



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  • The Prank
    Choose your battles wisely for the defeated will not go quietly into the night.
  • Bringing Structure to Your Novel
    Everyone of us has a story inside that we are dying to tell. Some tell their story orally, yet some never tell their story. This article here contains a few tips on how to tell your story in written form.
  • Water for Africa
    Within three phrases, the author pays homage to the source of life. Children in Africa perish daily for lack of water. What more can you do?
  • Big Momma's Parking Spot
    In life, Big Momma was a force to be reckoned with. Behind a smile and a plate of fried chicken there lay a larger than life, feisty spirit that not even death could diminish.
  • Seaside Shark
    Pain, whether physical, emotional, or mental can linger. The author wonders which hurts more.
  • Egg Tortilla La Mancha
    With Mother's Day around the corner, this quick and easy egg casserole combines flavor and simplicity. This dish is excellent for those on a budget for it is low cost without sacrificing taste.
  • First Person: Lost Your Job? Don't Lose Your Mind
    Losing a job is a devastating blow to the ego, especially in this unstable economy. Here are some tips to help you get through the difficult times.
  • Sticking it to the Student's
    With some careful planning teachers can turn the tables on trickster students. April Fool's Day fun doesn't have to end with childhood.
  • Hoop Hopes
    A Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry consisting of seventeen syllables broken down into three lines. Putting March Madness into three lines is a challenge.
  • Latest Raid on Suspected Mob Members Adds to Growing Notoriety
    The mob has been around offering "protection" since the early days of immigration to the US. These days, with the aid of technology and turn-coat members, law enforcement is working to bring down these families of crime.
  • Quote Roundup: In Tampa, Fla., Hope for 2011 Gives Way to Pessimism
    The midterm elections of 2010 brought a distinctive turn in the political world, indicating that the American people are hoping for solutions to the problem with the economy. However, many don't believe that it will occur.
  • Resolving to (Finally!) Keep the New Year's Resolution
    In the past I've made the mistake of expecting too much at once and I've gotten overwhelmed and disappointed when I failed to follow through. But 2011 will be different; I'll be 30. And I don't want to start off the next 30 years with excess baggage.
  • Tampa Bay Area Holiday Light Displays
    Need a break from the perils of fighting the Christmas shopping crowds? Grab the kids, hop in the car, and relax while you bask in the glow of some local Bay Area light displays.
  • Your Complete Christmas Playlist
    Too busy hiding Christmas presents and decorating the house that you haven't had the chance to create the perfect holiday playlist? Avoid that stress by following this handy guide. (And no, Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, did not make the cut.)
  • Holiday from Hell: A 'Charlie Brown' Tree, Three-Legged Cat and a Towed Car
    Sometimes we overdo things so the Christmas holiday turns into the Christmas hell-days. One such Christmas of mine was such a laughable mess that I would wish it upon anyone else.
  • Food, a Funny Name, and Messed Up Mincemeat Pie
    The holidays are stressful, filled with relatives, parties, and presents. Yet how often do we reflect on that one person who makes a holiday special for you?
  • Enemy, Thy Name is Gluten
    Food allergies are on the rise, affecting 4 percent of the population. Of those food allergies, gluten intolerance is the least likely to be diagnosed in a timely fashion, and can cause some of the most painful side effects.
  • Scripture Verses that Sustain My Daily Life
    War, unemployment, illness, poverty, and death litter the landscape of our lives. How does one stay sane with these grim realities? Can scripture offer us any help?
  • Working in a Holiday Workout
    Pressed for time during the holiday season? Check here for hours of operation of your local gym and sneak in a few leg lifts.
  • Craveable Cranberry Relish Recipe
    Each year when cooler weather announces the arrival of fall, I dash off to the grocery store to stock up on fresh cranberries. My family can never get enough of these ruby-colored gems that turn every meal into a special treat.

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