Donna Clarke

Donna Clarke


~Private educational consultant for 15+ years, providing extensive counseling and complete curriculum organization
~Contributor to assorted educational publications of various media
~Maintained online advice column offering parents information on educational pathways and opportunities
~Online nutrition, fitness guidance and advice columnist
~Professional Nutrition counselor and fitness instructor specializing in both aerobic and anaerobic dance.
~Professional dancer/choreographer and dance instructor for children and adults specializing in a variety of dance styles including tap, jazz, modern dance, and ballroom .
~Director and educational program coordinator of a nonprofit organization dedicated to animal hospice and welfare; educational outreach programs directed toward public and private sectors with respect to animal care and behavior. email:
~freelance photographer
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  • Looking for the Best Coffee? Try Mugshots Coffeehouse, in Westminster, Maryland
    There is nothing like an amazing cup of coffee, or frappucchino. If you are Westminster, Maryland, I have just the place for you!
  • Women's Nutrition: Diet is a Four Letter Word
    Diet on pre-formulated foods? We need specific nutrients to stay healthy. Providing essential vitamins and minerals should be satisfying, not arduous. Ladies, get the facts to start a stress-free journey to a thinner, healthier, happier you.
    Also published on:
  • The Passing of June Cleaver and Howard Cunningham
    Iconic TV parents June Cleaver and Howard Cunningham, portrayed by Barbara Billingsley and Tom Bosley are gone. Their passing closes an era that represented the family in a seemingly perfect light. June and Howard will be missed.
  • A New Year's Resolution for 2011: Lose Weight and Get Fit
    Everyone wants to be fit and the new year seems the perfect time to begin a diet and exercise regimen. Rather than set yourself to fail with all the things I am going to do, this year I am going to focus on the negative!
  • Easy Acorn Squash
    A hearty fall or winter meal, sweet and buttery baked acorn squash with its unique ridges and sweet, yellow-orange flesh, makes the perfect edible bowl for this hearty and scrumptious meal
  • New Year's Techie Resolution
    Weight loss? Exercise? This year I find myself with a new and exciting challenge, a New Year's techie resolution. I am faced with a new beginning, an opportunity for a new and exciting challenge. If only I had a clue as to what to do!
  • My Water Car
    Perhaps it was because I was a woman. Perhaps it was because the salesman saw me coming a mile away. In any case, my water car taught me well.
  • When it Comes to Facebook, Skype, Twitter, You Can Call Me Old-Fashioned
    We are all doing it. From Facebook chats and Skypes, tweeting and texting, we are all losing a form of communication, a kind of artistic expression. Call me old-fashioned, but I think it is sad.
  • Delicious Apple Stuffing Recipe: Easy and Economical
    This delicious recipe filled with apples, cranberries, and pecans is simple to make, and with the helpful Penny Pinching Tips, it is easy on your wallet, too!
  • Potato Latke Dreidels
    It's almost Hanukkah! Why not try a new twist on the old potato latkes you have come to know. Try some potato latke dreidels for a fun addition to any Hanukkah meal. Whether you serve them with apple sauce or sour cream, they're sure to be a hit!
  • Traditional Chicken Soup
    The key to how to make traditional chicken soup is in the ingredients used. This modern day recipe makes it easier than ever to recreate the perfect comfort food, just like mom used to make.
  • Buttermilk Mashed Potato Recipe
    Enjoy this budget-friendly buttermilk mashed potato recipe. Delicious, fast, and easy-your whole family will love it!
  • 10 Best Books to Read to Your Kids
    Enjoy the gift of reading with these great books you can read to your kids. The best books to read to your kids are clearly presented in this top ten list. From Dr. Seuss to Robert Munsch, this truly is a top 10 must read list.
  • The Festival of Lights: Rekindling Family Memories that Last a Lifetime
    At The Festival Of Lights, I am reminded of tradition and history. But, the truest meaning of Hanukkah is far deeper than latkes and apple sauce. To me, it's about the memories.

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