Deborah Lundin

Deborah Lundin

Deborah brings with her 20+ years in the medical and social services, as well as 10+ years as an owner of multiple small businesses. Deborah is currently working as a freelance writer and tackles topics from small business and science to health issues and sports. She is currently published on Y! Finance, Y! News, Y! Sports, Y! Shine, Physorg, MedicalXpress and LiveStrong. She battles autoimmune disease and lives with chronic pain and mobility issues. As a former athlete, she is an avid fan of all sports and covers the Denver Broncos, San Diego Chargers, the Chicago Cubs, the Summer and Winter Olympics, PGA Golf, Figure Skating and the ever popular Curling.
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Degree in sociology and laboratory sciences, business owner, small business marketing professional, 20+ years in the medical and social services industries


Keep positive and live today as if tomorrow might never come
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