Cheryl Bailey

Cheryl Bailey

Cheryl is a stay at home mom whom is currently looking at becoming a midwife. She loves the idea of birth and anything that goes with that. As of right now she takes care of her family.

Her family lives in a small city named Port Orchard, she lives with her soon to be husband and 2 kids.

She loves to cook, read and write.
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  • How Gestational Diabetes Affected My Pregnancy and How I Lived
    When I got pregnant with my 4th child I sailed thought the first part easily, never saw anything bad coming my way. I was asked to do the routine glucose tolerance test at 28 weeks and I figured it would be smooth sailing, boy was I wrong.
  • Five Tips to Wean Toddler from Sippy Cups
    You read a lot about weaning your baby from the bottle/breast to the sippy cup, but you don't read much about moving to a regular grown up cup. It can be just as hard as going from bottle to sippy, but if you approach it right it can be a easy change.
  • Eight Signs of an Ear Infection
    Detecting an ear infection in an infant or toddler can be a challenge since they cannot communicate very well. There are signs you can watch for that give you the clues you need to diagnose an ear infection.
  • Five Tips to Lessen the Likeliness of Tearing During Delivery
    Tearing is one of the bigger fears women have when they are having a baby (that and pooping on the delivery table, which is another story altogether) It doesn't have to be a huge fear if you prepare for it.
  • How to Unblock Your Ears from Ear Wax
    Everyone has earwax its just another one of your bodys defense mecinisims. It keeps foreign particles from entering your ears and causing infections and sickness. Sometimes though the wax gets out of hand and can cause more problems than it would solve.
  • Five Tips to Hosting a Potluck Wedding Reception
    A potluck doesn't always mean a tacky wedding, it means family gathering and getting to know each other, maybe for the first time.
  • Understanding a Chemical Pregnancy
    A chemical pregnancy is a term used to define a pregnancy that ends even before the implantation of the fertilized egg in the lining of the uterus can occur. Regardless of how far along you were, it can be a devastating time for many parents.
  • 6 Ways to Unclog Pores Naturally
    You don't need to go to the store and pick out one of those bacterial face washes that are filled with chemicals. There are many items you can pick up that are natural and gentle on your skin.
  • Tips for Taking Ovulation Tests
    Many women buy ovulation tests and don't realize they are not all the same, and it can get confusing. You need to read the directions carefully before you go about pulling the package apart.
  • Caring for a Child with Conjunctivitis
    When your child begins rubbing at their eye, you may need to check their eyes for pinkeye. It can spread rather quickly if someone does not take some preventive measures.
  • Cleaning Your Child Ears Safely
    Our ears self-clean, but there are many times that your child may experience a blockage within the ear. When the wax builds up it may prevent your child from hearing well, it is then that you need to know how to clean their ears properly.
  • Making Your Very Own Ice Cream Cake
    At any party when you have cake you also have ice cream. Why not combine the two and make a wonderful ice cream cake, they look so great and taste even better.
  • How to Handle a Child with Chickenpox
    Chickenpox is a contagious infection caused by the varicella virus. It is a very annoying rash that covers your skin, mouth, and throat in itchy blisters.
  • Caring for Children with Flea Bites
    Fleas can come into your home through your pets, plants, or just a visit to the park. Everyone has a different reaction to the bites. Some people are unattractive to the fleas, and will never get bitten, while other will get many bites all over the place.
  • How to Rid Your Home of Fleas
    Fleas are very pesky bugs that can invade your home and bite their human hosts. It takes time and patience to get rid of the fleas. They come into your home to feast on warm-blooded creatures, such as your pets or maybe even you.
  • My Love for the Nokia C3
    The Nokia C3 is one of the best phones out there, with a full keyboard, slim design and all the perks. Many people should be scrambling to buy one since they are so perfect for anyone.
  • 5 Ways to Deal with the Monthly Cramps
    When you experience those dreaded period cramps you may not be sure how to handle them, here are five ways listed below to prevent or even stop cramping from occurring.
  • How to Comfort a Toddler with a Cold
    Toddlers with a cold are an awful experience. Your poor baby is coughing and maybe even running a fever. It's your job to make them as comfortable as possible with some items you might already have around the house.
  • Gym review: Westcoast Fitness in South Kitsap, Washington
    One of the best gyms in south Kitsap is Westcoast Fitness, located in Port Orchard and Bremerton. This Gym has the best rates and many available classes to participate in.
  • How to Prepare Your Wedding Guest List
    When it comes to inviting people to your wedding, it can get kind of messy if you don't go about it the right way. It is your wedding, invite whom you feel is closest too you and you want there.
  • Valentines Activities Your Children Can Help With
    Children love to show their parents love and also love to help out with anything. Valentines Day is a perfect holiday to have them help with gifts and activities.
  • What You Need in Your Diaper Bag with a Newborn
    As a new mom you might not realize exactly what you need in your diaper bag. It is very important to have all the necessities to prevent an issue or you getting flustered.
  • How to Be Safe on Slushy Roads
    The winter months is a really scary time for many drivers. The driving conditions are much worse and there are many more chances for an accident to happen. Driving safely and paying attention can help you get where you need to go.
  • Bring Bright Back into Your Home: HouseHold Whiteners
    Everyone likes to keep their white shirts as bright as possible. Does not men you need to spend a ton of extra cash on special cleaning products that may or may not work. There are some household whiteners that will do the trick without the price.
  • 5 Ways Your Toddler Can Help You Around the House
    It is always very exciting when your toddler is finally at that age where they can help out around the house too a point. But what can your toddler do to help out that will not be too overwhelming for a two year old?
  • Bleeding During the First Trimester
    When you get pregnant getting any type of bleeding or spotting can cause some worry. During the first trimester though it might not be something to worry about, although you always need to let your OBGYN know right away.
  • Women's Questions About Ovulation
    Ovulation is something that every woman has happen to their body. Every month an egg is released, unless there is a medical reason for it not too. So many women still don't really know what ovulation is or means for them.
  • Eight Reasons Your Period Might Be Late
    There are many different reasons for missing a period, and if you miss more than one then you need to speak to a doctor about the issue. It could mean something is wrong that needs some attention.
  • Measuring for a Bra
    Many women are not wearing the right sized bras, and that can make it uncomfortable or even funny looking. When you buy a new bra, it is important to get measured or to measure yourself to insure that you are the correct size.
  • Heartburn During Pregnancy
    There are so many things you deal with during pregnancy, and heartburn is one of the most common things women complain about. Instead of popping antacids every few hours, there are some at home remedies you should try.
  • How to Add Friends on Mario Kart for the Wii
    Mario Kart is a well remembered game by many people, I myself played it as a child and so did my parents. All on different systems, the Wii came out with an interactive version where you can play with friends near and far.
  • Dealing with Flirty Friends
    It happens all the time, someone has to choose between their spouse and best friend, who thinks its ok to flirt. When what they don't seem to get is it's not ok at all. You may not know how to deal with this.
  • Five Ways to Keep Your Toddler from Opening Doors
    When your little one breaks out of their room and begin playing or eating things they are not suppose to have, its very scary for everyone. Even if you watch them closely it can still happen and you can fix it.
  • Eating Out with a Toddler
    Going out to eat does not have to stress you out; instead it can be a family friendly event everyone can look forward too.
  • How to Handle a Problem Phone Call with Your Bank
    There is nothing worse than opening up your account to see that you are a negative balance. You need to know how to deal with that stress, when it comes time to talk to a teller or manager.
  • Signs You Are in Active Labor
    Sometimes Labor can be quite obvious, but other times you will not know it, and may even blame something else for the signs of labor, such as a stomach ache. Being aware of these signs can prevent a delivery somewhere you would rater it not happen.
  • New Year Resolutions for Younger Children
    Right after Christmas, everyone begins making plans for the New Year. This includes New Year's resolutions, which are positive changes you promise to make as of January first.
  • Keeping Toy Clutter to a Minimum
    The clutter of toys can get overwhelming and become a challenge for parents who are trying to keep a clean home. There are a number of ways to have the right balance of toys, without totally depriving them from fun.
  • Signs of Pre-labor
    When you begin to approach your due date, just about all women begin to pay attention to every little thing your body does. These may mean you are going to go into labor before too long.
  • What is Needed for a Betta Fish Tank
    Bettas are the best first pet for anyone. Though they will basically survive in just about anything, they still need some key items to make it comfortable.
  • Is Your Baby Ready for Rice Cereal
    Introducing rice cereal to your infant is understandably a hard decision. Your worried that you might begin cereal to early or too late. And the truth is that your baby will be the one to give you the correct timeline.
  • Ways to Prevent Swollen Feet During Pregnancy
    Swelling feet for most pregnant woman is just something that happens, there are ways to prevent it and get rid of it though. You don't have to deal with swollen feet along with being pregnant.
  • Keeping Sickness to Yourself
    If you work, have kids or even go out in public you are bound to get sick at some point. Getting sick sucks and everyone dreads it. Keep it from spreading in your home with these tips.
  • Locating Your Wii Pin
    Having a Wii is a lot of fun, and when you know many friends who own Wii's also you can add them into your system. This will make it so much fun to play together on many different games.
  • Must See Places in Phoenix, Arizona
    Phoenix, Arizona is a wonderful place to visit when you get a chance. When you feel your state is getting too cold, travel here and I am sure it will be the perfect temperature.
  • Most Asked Questions About Intrauterine Devices
    Although it doesn't happen often, getting pregnant with an IUD (Intrauterine device) does happen to some women. This is because IUD's are not 100% effective at preventing pregnancy.
  • A Toddlers Bedtime
    It can be extremely annoying when you have to fight with you toddler to go to bed. This is another test from your toddler to see which boundaries can be crossed.
  • Dealing with a Toddler's Separation Anxiety
    When your child begins that dreaded clinginess, not many parents know what the right thing to do is. Do you sneak away or do you face it head on, there are ways to ease the anxiety and maybe even eliminate it all together.
  • Coping with Exhaustion as a New Mom
    You can still be normal awake self when you are a new mom, you just have to keep some tips in mind to help sleep as much as you can.
  • Prepping Your Car for Emergencies
    When I was first learning to drive, I did not know about having your car prepared for an emergency. And when I was older the first time something went wrong, I would have been in trouble if not for my husband.
  • Early Signs that You Might Be Pregnant
    Testing for pregnancy is the most thrilling time for most moms. You cannot run this test until four days or less before your period and preferable when your period is actually late.
  • Dealing with a Toddlers Temper Tantrum
    A temper tantrum is a parents worst fear, you are not exactly sure how to handle it without looking bad. That is ok, almost all parents go through this at some point. There are ways to end the temper tantrums and making everyday much happier.
  • Dealing with Headaches During Pregnancy
    One of the most common things women complain about during pregnancy is headaches. Most of the time women experience headaches during the first and second trimesters. There are something's you can do to better them.
  • Planning Your Child's First Birthday Party
    Your child's first birthday is a special occasion, for everyone. This celebration is more for the parents and relatives who are close to the child. How do you pull off a party for your child?
  • Dealing with Toddler Diarrhea
    When your child is sick and has diarrhea it can get very messy. There are no anti-diarrhea medications on the market, so we have to use home remedies to treat it. If your child is left untreated they will get dehydrated, which can be life threatening.
  • Your Baby's First Tub Bath
    You have much to learn when you bring home a new baby, one of the scariest things for some parents is the bathing. There are many things that can go wrong if you are not careful.
  • Caring for Your Son After Circumcision
    Deciding whether or not to get your son circumcised can be a difficult and stressful situation for many parents. It comes down to what you both feel is best. If you do decide to go ahead and get it done, there are some things to keep in mind.
  • Home Remedies for Stretch Marks
    Pregnancy does things to the body that nobody desires. Women will try anything, including surgery to get rid of the ugly marks. Before you go out and spend a bunch of money on expensive creams, take a look around your house for the answer.
  • Pregnancy Tests: When is the Best Time to Test?
    Home pregnancy tests are rated to be 99% accurate, but that is if they are used appropriately. There are many women who are not exactly sure what needs to be done to be accurate.
  • Toddlers and Their Private Parts
    Many little girls discover themselves at a very young age, and it can be frightening for parents. How do we handle such a thing?
  • Cutting Your Daughter's Hair
    Cutting your daughters hair, as long as it's not really curly, should not be a hard thing to accomplish. All you need are a few tools and a calm toddler.
  • Fear of the Dark: How to Deal with Your Children
    A child's fear of the dark is very hard to understand for many parents. There are many different reasons they may be afraid. And usually with time the fear goes away, but what if it doesn't? How do you handle such a fear?
  • Surprise: I'm Pregnant!
    Being pregnant is a very special time for all couples, that is why you should take steps to announce it with a big surprise that everyone will love.
  • Stocking Stuffers for Infants
    A baby's first Christmas is more an important time for the parents, that is why you should not spend a ton on stocking stuffers when they will not even care too much. Think of what you will need in the future.
  • How to Deal with Morning Sickness
    Being pregnant is a wonderfully exciting time for a woman. Everything changes, but you also get the dreaded morning sickness. Many women have heard the wives tales on how to cure the morning sickness, and sometime it works. Other times not so much
  • Unpacking Made Easy
    The hardest part of moving besides the actually packing is the unpacking. This is made even harder when you have children. Here we have a guide on making this difficult change, easier for you and your family
  • Children's First Time Meeting Santa Claus
    All children react different to meeting Santa, especially during the first three to four years of their life. This is totally understandable, seeing as Santa is a big guy with a long white beard and a suit all in red.
  • Christmas Traditions: Christmas Stockings and Egg Nog
    Christmas is always a crazy time for us in this house, but there is so much love and friendliness going around that it is ok.
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  • Things to Buy Before Baby is Born
    After that baby is born and brought home, the last thing you are going to want to do is run the store at ten at night to get diapers or formula, so always be prepared and stock up prior to the birth of the baby. There are a number of things you will need.
  • The Switch from Bottle to Sippy Cup
    Switching from the bottle to the sippy cup may be a challenge for some parents, while others will not have any problems what so ever. It will take some persistence and patience from both of you while your child gets past this milestone in their life
  • Tips for Planning Your Child's First Play Date
    After the first year, your child normally is ready to meet new friends and playmates. This can be very hard for some parents, but extremely exciting for others. How do you begin even planning a play date for your child?
  • Packing Your Bags for the Hospital
    It is always exciting when you get into that last month of pregnancy and need to begin packing your hospital bag. That can be challenging if you are unorganized, or have no idea what you are going to need while you are gone
  • Childproofing Your Home
    The minute you find out you are pregnant you take a look around your home and wonder the amount of work needed to protect your baby within the home. There are many ways to protect your baby from harm.
  • Planning for an All Night Power Outages with Children
    How do you get through a night with no power? Well in most cases you sit there staring at one another until the power comes back on, but what if you have children and it stays out all night long. You can help things normal by following these tips.
  • Your Baby's Discolored Tooth
    When your baby bumps one of their teeth, it may cause you worry if they cry. If they don't even react, you may push it into the back of your mind, until you notice it has turned grey or another color.
  • Tips for picking out your child's mattress
    This may seems like a simple task, but it really does take some research to make the right decision. As a parent you want your child to be as comfortable as possible, but don't know where to begin to look.
  • Surviving the Recovery Process: C-Sections
    Recovering from a C-Section is not something you bounce back from in a day or two, it takes time and patience. It is also important to have support from your family and friends when you have a C-section, you will be very vulnerable around this time.
  • Tips on Cleaning Crayon from Walls
    It is just common sense that when you give your toddler a crayon, you will have that color all over your walls the minute you turn your back. That does not mean you have to fall apart, there are many solutions to get the colorful wax off your walls.
  • Wonderful Wedding Venues in Port Orchard WA
    The location sets the mood for the entire wedding, so it is very important to pick the right one out or the wedding can fall apart. Even in a small town like Port Orchard there are great venues for rent.
  • Best Wedding Photographers in Port Orchard WA
    By far the most important thing for your wedding is the pictures that will save the memory forever. This means you don't want just anyone taking your pictures, you want the best! This doesn't mean you need to hire someone from Seattle to get the best.
  • Herniated Belly Buttons During Pregnancy
    A herniated belly button are very common among pregnant women and overweight people, it happens occurs when part of the intestine protrudes through an opening in the abdominal muscles. And it can be very painful and dangerous in some cases.
  • Wedding-Approved Hair Salons in Port Orchard, WA
    When planning your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. And this is because on your wedding day all eyes will be on you, pictures will be taken and the memory will be saved forever. So finding the best place to get your hair done is important.
  • Ways to Heighten Your Chances of Getting Pregnant
    For couples that want to have a baby, seeing the negative pregnancy test is heartbreaking month after month. This is understandable since even if everything is going right and the timing is great, you still only have a 25% chance to get pregnant.
  • The Painful Truths About Abscess
    An abscess, also referred to as a boil, can form anywhere on the body, but usually form on the skins surface. If left to fester it will only get worse. It is best to seek medical attention if you notice one forming
  • Family-Friendly Dining in Port Orchard
    While visiting Kitsap, try stopping off at one of these top favorite restaurants for a nice meal that can go as fast or slow as you want.
  • Flying Off the Handle: How Not to Lose it when Travelling with Children
    It is always stressful when you travel, and it is even worse when you fly and have young children, the entire experience is very upsetting for them, so you need to be prepared and expect the worst.
  • Marriage Within a Courthouse
    All couples want a perfect wedding, but many couples whom do not have the budget for such a thing decide to go before a judge or public official.This does not mean it cannot be a special day.
  • Crib's to Toddler Beds: Is Your Child Ready?
    Introducing your child to a toddler bed is often hard for both the parents and child. So before you make this decision, make sure your child is ready for the transition. This is important to make sure they do not get hurt.
  • Potty Training Books and Movies
    Potty training can be a handful, especially if your youngster is resisting it. So many moms and dads have a hard time finding ways to keep their child entertained and interested during this difficult time, which is where many books and movies come in.
  • How to Have a Sand Ceremony at Your Wedding
    Every wedding can benefit from some sort of beautiful imagery during the ceremony. A sand ceremony, pouring smaller vases of sand into a larger one, is a great way to add some beautiful and meaningful imagery to your wedding
  • Building Your Very Own Diaper Cake
    Diaper cakes are a really creative easy gift for mothers to be. You can add your own creative flair, or go with a theme you have for the baby shower.
  • What Every Woman Should Know About Ovarian Cysts
    Every woman should know all there is too know about her body, but there is not a lot out there quite yet about ovarian cysts.
  • The Different Types of Wedding Dresses
    Picking out a wedding dress takes trying it on and figuring which one compliments your body type. It may take awhile to find the perfect one. There are many different types of dresses; it all depends on what image you are looking for.
  • A 12 Month Countdown Wedding Planner
    Planning a wedding is not a piece of cake, you make lists, check things off and always manage to forget things. It is much easier when everything is in one place.
  • Ways to Deal with the Loss of a Loved One
    Whether it be a family member, child or friend, it is always hard to deal with the loss of someone you love. Although it is hard, there are many things you can do to help yourself work through the grief.
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Sex During Pregnancy
    There is a lot of information out there for women trying to get pregnant and for postpartum. There is not a lot out there for during the pregnancy, and I am sure parents have questions about sex that they would rather not have to ask their OB/GYN.
  • Tips to Potty Train Your Daughter
    There is no certain age that kids are ready to be potty trained, there are many signs that show when your daughter might be ready to use the toilet.
  • How to Take Measurements for Your Wedding Dress at Home
    Picking out a wedding dress is a pain, all brands are a little different in sizing. You can never be too careful, so get your measurements taken by a professional or a friend. Never take your measurements on your own.
  • The Pros and Cons of Having Your Son Circumcised
    You are having a baby boy, so you are faced with the same question every other parent of a boy is faced with; to circumcise or to not circumcise? It is the hardest things to decide on for many parents, and it is a decision you should think about
  • How to Choose Your Wedding Colors
    Having the right colors for your wedding is what sets the vibe and the entire theme of the wedding. Do you want romantic, or vibrant? It all depends on your style and budget.
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