Morris  Armstrong

Morris Armstrong

Morris has an extensive background in the world of finance. He has spent 25 years as a currency and bond trader, and then another 15 years helping the public with personal financial issues. In 2008, attorneys in Connecticut voted him as one of the top three planners in the Connecticut Law Tribune poll.

He has written for numerous online sites, including Multex Investors, which is now part of Reuters, and has written for several magazines serving the advisory community. He has appeared on CNN. Ocasionally he is graced with a Yahoo Hot 500 badge, and I thank the public for that!
One area that he is passionate about is helping those who are going through a divorce understand the financial ramifications of any settlement. He believes that couples should consider alternatives to the traditional litigation model.

When asked about today's consumer he said "I don't really envy the consumer. Everyone wants to focus on the consumer's assets when in fact it is probably their liabilities that need better managing as well as an introduction to basic budgeting."
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