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I am a widow and live in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming. I mostly write poetry or poetic prose. My children are grown, married with children of their own. They have given me seven grandchildren to love. I often write about the sea and the beauty in nature. Sometimes my pen finds a dark poem that begs to be written down. Comments are always appreciated. You may visit my web page at
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  • Raven's Flight
    About a Raven's flight, written in iambic pentameter
  • Heart of Scars
    A woman has been left behind by a man who thinks only of himself
  • Sense of Touch
    Non-rhyming poem written in iambic pentameter
  • Sewing
    A free verse poem
  • Skipping Stones
    A poem about remembering
  • Spears of Ice
    A poem about winter and life
  • Gravestones
    This is a free verse poem about grieving the loss of a loved one.
  • This Mask
    Free verse poem
  • The Sea Speaks
    This poem is written in iambics with an 10/8 syllable count and the rhyme scheme is...ab/ab. I love the sea but sadly have to travel far to see it.
  • Too Soon Cold
    A cold wind shivers across garden's bed ...

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