Tina Tobin

Tina Tobin

Relationship writer and video blogger specializing in men that refuse to marry and the women who get involved with these men. Creator of LuvemOrLeavem.com, the interactive relationship advice site for women trying to decide if they should end their relationship or if it is worth repairing.
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  • Does His Ex Spell Trouble for Your Relationship?
    An ex girlfriend or wife can still be a big role in the life of your man. They may have remained friends, or he may simply not be over her yet. Whether they have remained in contact or not, here are some signs that his ex could mean trouble for you.
  • 3 Common Techniques to Get Him to Propose and Why You Should Avoid Them
    It is tempting to create a complex plan for getting a proposal when you are ready to get married but your guy isn't. Here are the most common tactics that women use when they want to convince a man to marry them, and why you shouldn't use them.
  • 4 Signs that He Could Be the One
    You may be dating a great guy, but how do you decide if he is really "the one?" Here are some signs that this relationship has the potential to bring you a lifetime of happiness.
  • Your Man Versus Man's Best Friend
    He's loyal, trustworthy and a great listener. This describes the perfect man, but it also describes man's best friend. Read on and see if your man can hold a candle to my Golden Retriever.
  • 5 Signs that You Are No Longer a Chick
    Getting older is difficult in a world that celebrates youth, but no woman can remain a young chick forever. Here are some common signs that you are entering the hen zone of your life.
  • Saying I Love You for the First Time
    How long should you wait from the time you know you are in love until you utter the "L word?" Here are some questions to ask yourself to decide if you are ready to declare your love.
  • Should You Lend Money to Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend?
    How do you decide whether or not to lend a boyfriend or girlfriend money? Here are some tips to make sure that the person you are dating has merely fallen on rough times and is not a freeloader. This video is part of the Advice Panel video series. The videos from the full group of vloggers coveri
  • Can Too Much Honesty Hurt Your Relationship?
    Honesty is always at the top of the list of items that are critical to a healthy relationship. Even so, here are some instances when too much honest can harm your relationship.
  • Top Signs that He Doesn't Plan to Marry You
    He says he will marry you "someday," but you are still waiting. Here are the top signs that "someday" is just another word for never.
  • What is Your Break Up Personality?
    Most women that I know tend to handle each breakup in very specific ways. That's not to say that there isn't the occasional breakup that takes longer to get over depending on how long the relationship lasted and whether the breakup was mutual or felt more like being dumped. But for the most part the

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