Michael Wais Jr.

Michael Wais Jr.

Hi, my name is Michael. I am a freelance writer deeply influenced by the Beat Generation writers. Other significant literary role-models of mine include Stephen King and Ray Bradbury.
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Graduated High School In 1999


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  • The Only Way Out
    A young man does the one favor that would most make his father appreciate him.
  • Kelli Ali's Alchemy of Sound
    Vocalist Kelli Ali gives a personal look inside her songwriting and composition process with her latest release, "Band of Angels".
  • The Day My Heart Survived
    A poem about happiness and keeping it alive.
  • "The Downward Spiral" Record Review
    This is the record review of "The Downward Spiral" that I did for my Music 115 college class.
  • Edward Savage
    A scene I created for my English 126 ("Creative Writing") class.
  • The Only One
    A story about a boy and his dog.
  • Existentialism 101
  • Van Gogh's Dog
    A portrayal of a fictitious event that made Vincent Van Gogh what he became.
  • "Save My Life"
    Just a screenplay I thought of. This is the only material I could think of so far.
  • Madonna
    A poem I wrote in a Creative Writing class last year for the most important person in the world to me.
  • Whoever Really Matters
    A poem about everyone's experience going through changes.
  • The Rat Who Got Away
    Sometimes companions come from the strangest cracks in the walls.
  • Siamese Tumor
    Just a hilarious and corny story I really enjoyed writing.
  • This Man is Not Himself
    An innocent fugitive is re-visited by the horrific set-up that made his life go down.
  • Dear Deanna,
    A creative writing exercise I did for my NYU-SCPS "Fiction Writing I" class.
  • Alone Astronaut
    My non-exclusive entry in the Boxfire Press "Fiction 101" contest ( http://boxfirepress.com/pages/fiction-101-contest ). Vote at this link: http://bit.ly/alone_wais .
  • Boy's Best Friend
    The sound of the carnal nature of the earth was echoed by the cries of the animals...
  • Red Night
    The blood orange moon made Roger thirsty.
  • I Need You
    "I won't be abandoned. No no. I can't be abandoned I won't be abandoned." Johnny whispered with manic energy as he pounded the steering wheel with his palm, wild-eyed.
  • The Worst and Final Loss
    Only in emptiness could he find himself again.
  • Goodbye to English 110
    This is a Creative Writing class exercise I did about the college teacher who was the first person in San Diego who took me at face-value instead of shouldering me with his/her assumptions.
  • "What Now? ..."
    Open questions on nurturing Earth in peaceful and productive (and hopefully fun) ways. Fill in the blanks. If it's over your head, think of it as a message in a bottle... Or listen to the lyrics of blues, raggae, and dub music!
  • Is Technology Always Useful for Local Businesses?
    When can a manager tell if hip, new technologies might interfere with workplace efficiency?
  • How to Address Criticism for Written Works
    Some people like to dance for no reason. Some hate the taste of peanut-butter or relish anchovies on their pizza. So, if someone absolutely loathes another person's writing how should they respond if they feel a need to give feedback?
  • Obama or NObama?
    Many doubters continue to attempt to forge links that imply Barack Obama might not be a good choice for presidency. Could they be correct that he may be too good to be true? Or are some of US citizens simply not ready for things to get better again?
  • Reasons I Am Happy to Be a Writer in a McCarthyist Bush-Jr. Summer 2007
    Now Writers Have A Major One-Up Over Musicians, Filmmakers, And Ordinary Nonparticipating Audiences Of Passersby.

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