Joe Capristo

Joe Capristo

Writer, certified massage therapist, licensed school teacher, ordained minister and reiki master, Joe Capristo, has studied martial arts since age 10. Follow him on Twitter @TheShowJoe, and on Facebook.

Joe honed his language skills, teaching high school English at one of the toughest schools in North Carolina. In college he studied literature, philosophy, and religion. He competed on the fencing team and taught martial arts to fellow students in his off time. He also deejayed for the school's radio station, announced at sporting events, and worked as a tattoo/piercing artist.

Prior to his career in public education, Joe worked as certified massage therapist, and is a certified Traditional Reiki Master. He has been ordained as a Minister by Universal Life Church and by The Church of the Subgenius.

Joe is an avid film aficionado, and owns several thousand DVDs. Watching movies is his primary activity when relaxing. The largest genres in his collection are Horror, Martial Arts, Science Fiction, and Anime.
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