Christopher Bergeron

Christopher Bergeron

Christopher began writing in 2006 for various online publications, focusing on areas of business administration, business management and accounting as part of academia for UOP. After becoming aware of the psychological functions evident in the business environment, he modified his focus to reflect the role psychology plays in sales; the consumer and the sales professional sides, mutually.

A majority of his writing focuses on procedure development to strengthen the internal operations of a business, as well as innovative concepts on performing minor adjustments to achieve major results in the business environment.

Extensive personal and professional background has enabled Christopher to deliver substantive articles related to music, theater, best business practices, parenting, and areas of a psychological nature as well as an array of other subject matters.

Christopher resides and works in League City, Texas, where he is an active musician, proud father and Operations Manager at Clear Lake Nissan.

Feel free to contact Christopher as feedback as well as argumentative or multiple viewpoints on selected subjects are always embraced.
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