Mitch Page

Mitch Page

Mitch Page is a freelance writer, film consultant, media professor of nature sciences, costume and production supervisor, and journalist under several pen names across publications in the United States and Canada. From 2002-2006 he was an editor for Skateboarding Weekly Bay Area. Originally from San Francisco Mitch has been a traveling correspondent for major feature film productions. He is a traveling teacher and producer. Mitch has written screen plays and attends local and national film festivals every year across the country. He is a wedding officiant, studio musician, and technological correspondent. While working on film projects of independent producers and sound design, Mitch has won several awards for his production techniques and use of various electronic devices to enhance film production quality. He also has written beat coverage for several sports franchises online including the Los Angeles Angels baseball team and Sacramento Kings basketball.

I'm also a naturalist, big fan of "Man Vs. Wild" and "Survivor", and am a consultant for PBS nature documentaries.

I grew up in New Jersey and knew a few members of the current pop culture phenomenon, "The Jersey Show". I also have a breadth of experience in television and film production myself on science and natural conservation documentaries.

As a musician of 16 years I have auditioned on "American Idol" and also been a part time producer for another nationally televised talent show. Contact me for more information and thanks for reading.
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