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C. J. is a working mother of three, balancing a full time career while taking an active role in her children s lives. C. J. has an advanced degree in engineering and twenty plus years experience in making technology decisions for fortune 500 companies. She has always been interested in writing and started contributing to Yahoo! Voices in December 2010.
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MS Industrial Engineering, BS Management Information Systems


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  • Best Times to Visit Hersheypark
    If you're traveling to Hersheypark for vacation, here are some easy tips that can make a huge difference in how much you will enjoy your time there.
  • 6 Ideas to Make the Most of Your Downtime
    Every once in a while we get a momentary lull in our hectic lifestyles. But we sometimes let it pass without taking full advantage of it, whether to use it for the people or things we love or just to enjoy the downtime.
  • Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car
    Today, with the price of gas increasing and the demands of traveling to jobs or activities continuing to grow, our cars have become critically important. Here are a few tips to help you to keep your car running smoother, for a longer period of time.
  • 3 Great Eastern Ski Resorts for Families
    If you're looking from some great eastern ski resorts where the family can have fun both on and off the trails, the following three resorts have excellent skiing and other activities that will have something for everyone in your family.
  • Don't Neglect the Most Important Person: You
    Working full time, chauffeuring kids, helping with projects or taking care of an elderly relative. It's easy to forget about taking care of you, but it's critical you don't. Neglecting yourself can impact all of the people who rely on you.
  • 6 Personality Types that Can Derail Your Information Technology (IT) Project
    If you've ever tried to manage an IT project to a successful completion, you have probably come across certain human obstacles. Once you can recognize the personality type you are dealing with, there are ways to help minimize their negative impact.
  • 8 Ways the Government Can Help Your Small Business
    There are many government programs and websites that exist to help small businesses of which, you as a small business owner, may not even be aware. Here are eight examples of how the government can help you.
  • 8 Technology Tips to Help Your Business' Productivity
    Many small business owners spend too much time on office tasks that don't help grow their business. Utilizing new technology products can help improve productivity and let owners focus on what they do best.
  • College Preparation: How to Stand Out in the Crowd
    Getting into college isn't just about having good grades. There are many different programs available to help give your children early exposure to a variety of challenging and educational opportunities, and to differentiate them from the crowd.
  • Five Modern Manners Your Children Should Know
    Parents are so busy and children so immersed in technology today, that sometimes we forget to teach them some simple basics regarding manners and courtesy towards others.
  • Saving Time in Our Technology Age
    With the advent of technology and social advancements like iPhones, iPads, Facebook and twitter, we are spending more time than ever on laptops and devices. While this can be productive, time spent if not watched carefully time can slip away.
  • First person: Creating a family-friendly entrance and mudroom for $7,200
    The most under valued and often used element of your home is a side entrance way. If you aren't lucky enough to have a side entryway/mudroom, here's some information on how we turned an unused bedroom into an organized space for the family.
  • The Time in Between
    A poem about getting back into the routine of life after the breakup of a relationship.
  • Cloud Computing: More Than Just Hype
    Every technology vendor out there now offers some product or service in the area of Cloud Computing. After years of working with cloud vendors here is what I have learned about what they offer and if it's worth using for your business.
  • 5 Signs Your Son Is Becoming a Teenager
    if one day you are confronted in your home with a strange young man you don't recognize but doesn't seem to want anything from you, don't panic or call 911. You are not experiencing a home invasion, your son has suddenly become a teenager.
  • 5 Reasons Outsourcing Isn't Good for Your Company
    Many companies and small businesses have looked overseas to augment their workforce with low cost labor. While it can be helpful in certain circumstances, wholesale use of offshore labor can actually cost you more in the long run.
  • 4 Ways a Mentor Can Help Your Career
    Some of the most important aspects of getting ahead in business will never be taught to you in a classroom. Finding someone within or outside the organization to help guide you is critical to your future success.
  • A Trip to Hershey Park that Wasn't so Sweet
    If you are planning a summer trip to Hershey Park in Hershey, Pennsylvania, make sure you know what else is going on in the area or your Chocolate Dream vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare.
  • 7 Tips to Avoid Getting Laid Off
    While the ultimate decision regarding who stays and who gets laid off is made within the offices of senior management, there are actions that can help you weather the corporate storm. Here are some measures you can take to better the odds in your favor.
  • Tips to Have a Well Dressed Kid for Less
    Many parents try to save money on their children's clothing by shopping in lower end retail stores. But if you follow some simple tips, you can get higher quality, more fashionable clothes for less.
  • First Person: 5 Ways We're Growing Our Small Business
    Over the past few years my husband and I have developed techniques to keep our small business growing and profitable. With the economic up turn we expect to see exponential growth as a result of the time and effort we have invested.
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  • First Person: Our Small Business Was Too Far Ahead of the Times
    When my husband and I started our first business we had a great concept and no idea what was needed to get a fledgling business off the ground. While the business ultimately failed it taught us a valuable lesson as to what we would need in the future.
  • 7 questions I've learned to ask contractors before hiring for a home build
    Deciding on a contractor you can entrust with something as important as building your dream home or home addition is an extremely difficult decision. Asking some of the following questions will help ensure that your project is successful.
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  • Contractor vs. DIY: Tips that helped me during my home build
    There are many things you can do yourself when building, adding on or improving your home to save money, time or simply because you enjoy it. But here are a few guidelines to help you identify areas of your home where you need more than a weekend warrior.
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  • Surviving the Holidays Once the Grandparents Are Gone
    The holidays are usually a time for family to get together, so when extended family is gone or separated, what can you do to to make the holidays special?
  • The 2 a.m. Anxiety Wake Up Call
    If you have generalized anxiety, you, like many of us, have probably spent untold hours in the middle of the night staring at the ceiling. Here are some tips that have helped me get through the times when my anxiety and insomnia flair up.
  • Tips for Surviving Vacation with ADHD Children
    Vacations with ADHD children can be the best of times and the worst of times. Here are some observations on what has worked well for us to maintain some normalcy while creating great vacation memories for our family.
  • Is a New Car a Bad Investment?
    Nothing is quite like the excitement and feeling of buying a new car. But while that feeling fades over time, the cost associated with that new car can linger for years to come.
  • Great Customer Experience: How Some Companies Just Get It
    You may not always know what defines a great customer experience until one happens to you, but once it has, you’ll keep going back. Whether it’s an easy return process or a great customer service representative, some companies just get it.
  • Which Dog Breeds Make Good Pets for Children?
    If you've decided that a dog would make a wonderful addition to your family, you should carefully consider what kind of dog would be a good fit for your family’s lifestyle. Here is a jump start on some dog breeds that are good choices for children.
  • Tips to Handle Stress and Anxiety
    Ever increasing demands and fast paced schedules are causing everyone's stress levels to escalate. Rather than turn to prescription medications to counteract the effects of stress, here are a few easy tips to reduce stress naturally.
  • The Signs and Symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder
    Everybody occassionally worries about bills, work and relationships, but for people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), the worrying never stops.
  • The Hidden Costs of the Bigger House
    Before you decide on buying or building a home with more square footage, it's important to understand all the associated costs.
  • 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Building My House
    For many, the thought of building their dream home is too attractive an option to pass up. But if you haven't been through the process of building a home, there are a lot of things you can miss that can cost you unexpected money and time.
  • Is Your Child a Target for Bullies Because of His/Her ADHD?
    Every child at some point will be the target of unwanted attention from someone at school. But does having ADHD make your child a stronger magnet for bullying behavior?
  • Stress-Free Party Planning
    Having people over doesn't have to be a source of anxiety for the host or hostess. By following a few simple tips, you will make yourself and your guests far more relaxed about entertaining, and may find that you actually want to do it more.
  • Is a 504 Plan or an IEP Plan Better for a Child With ADHD?
    A child with ADHD may be eligible for assistance within the school district through either a 504 Plan or an IEP plan. What are the differences between the two plans and which is better for your child?
  • Are Larger Portions Contributing to Growing Waistlines?
    Controlling obesity in your family may be as simple as limiting the size of the portions your family eats. When you are dining out, it may take a little creativity to keep the situation under control.
  • Are Ivy League Colleges Really Worth the Money?
    Harvard, Yale, Columbia are all top notch ivy league colleges, but as their tuition cost continues to skyrocket, you have to ask yourself if the degree is worth the money.
  • Why People Love Apple
    Apple is a cultural phenomenon that goes beyond the quality of their MacBooks, iPhones and iPads. What is it about this company that causes consumers not only to follow it loyally but almost fanatically.
  • The Dangers of Social Networking
    Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace have created simple venues to share both personal and professional information. Has the free flow of information about every aspect of a person's life had a beneficial or harmful effect on society?
  • The Indispensable IPhone 4
    iPhones have been in our family since they first came on the market, so I had always been sold on the benefit of the phone and the technology. But it was only after my phone was stolen that I realized how truly dependent on my smartphone I had become.
  • 5 Great Fantasy Book Series for Tweens
    If your tween is interested in heroes and battles, magicians and sorcerers, hidden worlds or unique twists on old fairy tales, these books will provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment.
  • Side Effects of ADHD Stimulant Medications
    Stimulants may be the answer to the prayers of a parent with an ADHD child when it comes to focus and attention, but the side effects they introduce can be just as concerning until you learn how to manage them.
  • What Backup Solution is Right for You?
    Backing up the data from your home computer will protect it from loss. But with so many backup solutions out there, which one is right for you?
  • Ultimate Chipotle Chicken Wings
    Delicious hot wings that are great finger foods for the football season or all year round. Brine in beer for extra tender wings.
  • Easy Sweet Potato Casserole
    Quick and easy Sweet Potato Casserole that is a hit with the whole family. Only takes 20 minutes to prepare, then pop in the oven for another 30 minutes and your done!
  • Advocating for your ADHD Child in School
    Your son or daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD. Should you tell the school? You need to get a formal plan in place to address his or her needs to ensure success in school now and in the future.
  • Why You Should Say 'No Thank You' to the Free Piano
    You've been offered a free Piano, should you take it? For most parents searching for a piano for the first time, a free piano sounds too good to be true. And often, that's exactly what it is.
  • Planning for Your Parents Future Needs
    Your parents are starting to need additional help. What do you need to do and what options are available to help prepare for the future care? Assisted living and nursing homes are viable options, but you need to start preparing as early as possibile.
  • Should I Medicate My ADHD Child?
    For parents of children with ADHD, putting your child on medication is one of the hardest decisions you have to make. Medication isn't the only answer, but it's an option that should be carefully considered before accepting or rejecting it as a treatment.
  • How Can I Tell If My Child Has ADHD?
    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that can manifest itself in a number of different ways. There are some common signs that can help you determine if you should seek further help if you think your child may have it.
  • Mohonk Mountain House Offers Scenic Views that Appeal to Hikers of All Levels
    Some of the best hiking trails in the Hudson Valley. Enjoy a panoramic leisurely stroll, a rock scramble or an uphill challenge on the grounds of the Mohonk Mountain House.
  • Your Vacation Isn't Over Until You Pull in the Driveway
    if you've ever driven to any vacation destination, you know the trip home seems much longer than the trip there. But in our return drive from Disney World, the fates conspired against us to make it the worst travel horror story ever.
  • Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child and the Intriguing Special Agent Pendergast
    Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have created a series of novels based upon a truly unique leading character, Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast. If you enjoy a good thriller, with excellent character development, this series will become a favorite.
  • After 9/11, I Never Go Without Telling My Family I Love Them
    Ten years after the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers, New York residents still remember with disturbing clarity where they were and how they felt, and how they have changed because of that day.
  • Alto Music - Best Guitar Shop in the Hudson Valley
    Alto Music, located in the Hudson Valley in Wappingers Falls, provides a wide range of guitars for sale as well as a team of dedicated professionals to assist in purchasing or providing guitar lessons.
  • Thinking About Having an Elderly Parent Move In?
    Many families today are faced with the decision of having Grandma or Grandpa move in with them. Upfront planning can make this a great experience, or can help you identify, before it's too late, that it might not be the right choice for you.

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