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Evelyn Salinger

I was raised in Chicago, IL. I must have been born with many words in my mouth just waiting to spill out into written stories. My natural gregariousness is best served as a literary device... after all, I can edit content that way! I've found it so much harder to put spoken words back into my mouth!

After 27 years of long harsh winters, followed by sweltering humid summers in "The Windy City", I have been happily living in California for the past eight years-- a climate that allows me to wear sandals all year long.

I am enjoying my career as a teacher and raising my two young sons (with the help of a great husband). With any spare time I have left, I thoroughly enjoy creative writing. I favor writing anecdotes about my life in a stream of consciousness style, almost in a confessional manner. I truly adhere to Lord Byron's famed phrase, "Truth is always strange, Stranger than fiction." My real life and its strangeness, from time to time, is my ultimate inspiration.
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BFA in Painting at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1997); MA in Special Education at Chapman (Brandman) University (2007); CA Multiple Subject/Education Specialist teaching credentials


One hand on the past, one foot in the future; suspended in the present.



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  • The Gift of Gift Giving
    So, the holiday season is in full swing. I reminisce on the importance of gift giving throughout my life. I also dish out the location of my coveted "gift cabinet." (Ssh! Don't tell anyone!)
  • The Rewards of a Master of Arts in Teaching
    When I was finishing credential coursework on both my Multiple Subject and Education Specialist credentials, I decided to take on additional coursework and an examination to earn a Master's of Arts in Special Education. I am glad I did.
  • 'Twas the Night We Watched "Dexter"
    Husband and I have our Sunday night ritual-- a bottle of red wine and an hour of "Dexter" on the DVR... one night, hubby got homicidal on a unsuspecting bottle of Merlot!
  • Eleven Reasons Why I'm Not on Facebook
    Here: I've delineated why I'm NOT on Facebook-- so stop asking!
  • Feline in Crisis:
    I took it to verse. My cat stuck up on the red tile roof... a transcendental sign or a curse?
  • Collective Bargaining for Wisconsin State Employees Remains Intact
    Thursday was a victory for Wisconsin state employees when Judge Maryann Sumi ruled against Republican lawmakers' Assembly Bill 11. The judge ruled that Republican state senators violated the state's open meeting law.
    Also published on:
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Sucks
    I know you want my two cents on the Arnold Schwarzenegger baby daddy controversy, don't you? Well, here it is...
  • Rick Santorum Sexually Satirized
    The May 9th airing of "The Daily Show" showcased 2012 presidential candidate, Rick Santorum (R-PA), in an unfavorable satirical light, courtesy of Jon Stewart.
  • Happy Mother's Day
    Happy Mother's Day, ladies! Hope you are feeling the love from your children today and everyday! My son's love for me is measured in... rocks!
  • Osama is Dead
    Osama Bin Laden, mastermind to the 911 attacks on the great nation of the United States of America, is dead. I am proud to be an American! We got him-- we got the dragon!
  • Donald Trump Attacks President Obama
    I have a word or two for "The Donald"-- to match his never-ending words brandishing like an obnoxious whip at President Obama... and Bill Cosby... and Robert De Niro... Trump, you need a time out in the naughty corner!
  • Celebrity Apprentice Recap April 24, 2011
    La Toya got her walking papers this week-- totally unfounded, in my opinion. Apparently, "The Donald" sided with the "Nasty Girls"-- wait, that was Janet's song, wasn't it?
  • Shirley MacLaine, My Favorite Extraterrestrial
    I love Shirley MacLaine. If there is life on other planets, she is their Aurora Greenway as much as ours. Read why she's still so relevant on earth.
  • Celebrity Apprentice Recap April 17, 2011
    It's time for me to inform you of what you missed on the April 17th episode of "Celebrity Apprentice"... better tuck a napkin under your chin... this recap is juicy and raw!
  • Daytime Will Never Be the Same Without 'All My Children'
    Well, Hell froze over: "All My Children" is being canceled!
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones Treated for Bipolar Disorder
    Some of the most creative talents in pop culture have suffered with a debilitating mood mental illness known as bipolar disorder. Catherine Zeta-Jones is yet another acclaimed celebrity seeking treatment...
  • Celebrity Apprentice Recap April 10, 2011
    In case you missed "Celebrity Apprentice" from April 10, 2011, allow me to catch you up on the latest cat fighting-- er, uh... koala clawing...
  • Celebrity Apprentice Recap April 3, 2011
    If you missed the April 3rd atomic episode of "Celebrity Apprentice," let me catch you up... it was a slice of Meatloaf with a side of kick a$$!
  • To Every Mom in America:
    I have a new found respect and appreciation for stay-at-home moms, since I have temporarily become one. Let me tell you why...
  • Cut Me a Piece of Happy
    Some people are born optimists. I was born to savor happiness as an optional after meal delight to an otherwise status quo existence. But I'm learning to save room for dessert...
  • Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor:
    March 23, 2011 was my birthday... it was also the day the world's most beautiful woman, Elizabeth Taylor, passed away. I tribute her stunning beauty, dramatic talents, and ongoing altruism. There will never be a star like her.
  • 5 Family Friendly Fuel Efficient 2011 Vehicles
    My family is in need of a new vehicle within the upcoming year. The following are five family friendly fuel efficient vehicles we are considering.
  • There is an Ugly Purse Trend Upon Us
    Okay, I am of sound mind and body and I need to enlighten the world: Vera Bradley bags are UG-LY! Read why...
  • Russell Brand Needs to Comb His Damn Hair!
    Well, I won't win a Pulitzer Prize for this particular editorial piece. It's just a brief rant on the state of the world and why Russell Brand needs to reach for a comb!
  • Ralph Fiennes Makes One Sexy Heathcliff:
    Ralph Fiennes is THE Heathcliff described in Emily Bronte's classic novel of love, loathing, and vindictiveness of unrequited love in Peter Kosminsky's "Wuthering Heights" of 1992.
  • Five Reasons to Take a Day Trip from Portland, Oregon
    Portland, Oregon is "The City of Roses," but there is much more to see within hours from this great Pacific Northwest metropolis. Pack your granola bars and Birkenstocks for some great day trip adventures!
  • Ten VIP Vacation Spots
    On your next vacation stateside, take in some r and r like a V.I.P. The following are suggestions on how to do just that in the U. S. of A...
  • Royal Romance Redux
    With the impending nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton coming up this April, I take a look back at examining the ill-fated romance of Prince Charles and (then) Lady Diana. I predict Will and Kate actually have a shot at "happily ever after"...
  • In Tribute to 100th International Women's Day
    March 8, 2011, marks the 100th International Women's Day. Read three recent reasons why we need to celebrate!
  • Five Fabulous Field Trips in Los Angeles
    If visiting The City of Angels, check out these Los Angeles hot spots and don't forget to bring the credit cards! Learn where to shop, eat, see and be seen, and just enjoy the day the L.A. way!
  • Christina Aguilera Needs a Genie in a Bottle
    Christina Aguilera was arrested with her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, early Tuesday morning. Can the embattled pop singer make a comeback? Sure she can-- she just needs to get a Genie in a Bottle (and a cup of coffee to sober up!)
  • Politically Incorrect Personas:
    Nelly Furtado, Usher, Mariah Carey, and Beyonce performing for world dictator Moammar Gadhafi (in the past) are causing controversy. Read of more celebrities whose political affiliations have landed them in the political incorrectness hot seat...
  • Martin Scorsese Should Have Won an Oscar for Directing Goodfellas
    Martin Scorsese should have won an a Best Director Oscar for Goodfellas way back when. Read my homage-filled rant on why I think so. Eh, forget about it!
  • On the Road Again:
    Summer 2011 is fast approaching! Time for a road trip... can you afford one? Read some simple tips to make it and not break it-- the bank that is!
  • Three Family-Friendly Reasons to Visit San Francisco
    Families looking for things to do in the San Francisco area, look no further! I have three great reasons for why the next family trip should be at "The City by the Bay."
  • Manipulative Media: How to Spin Fabrications and Influence Politics
    Fox News pulled a fast one on Ron Paul's CPAC victory on Feb. 11, 2011, shining the spotlight on if media should be trusted to serve up the facts.
    Also published on:
  • 'Born This Way' is a Disco Anthem for Gay Tolerance
    Lady Gaga's hot new single, "Born This Way," is a dance beat battle cry for gay tolerance. Twenty-plus years ago, Erasure's "Hideaway" put out a similar message without breaking to a sweat. Both songs are equally effective. Read on...
  • Mother Earth
    I am now a mother and want to teach my son to love our Mother Earth. Step by step, I am trying eliminate my carbon footprint and enlighten my son to do the same.
  • Virtuous Love in a Virtual World
    I started an online dating account with Yahoo! Personals back in 2002. Soon after, I met my now husband on that site. Hearts and flowers to technology!
  • Chip in the Nail Polish
    When Mom passed away, she left me more than her personal effects-- she left me her spirit. They are alive and well in my shoes! Those shoes lead me on to perform household chores,... chores that need to be done before I get my pedicure.
  • Going Judgmental
    Yes, I already broke my resolution for 2011. I make no apologies for it! Read on...
  • Educator in Space: Remembering Christa
    A brief tribute to Christa McAuliffe, the high school teacher who stepped out of her classroom and onto a space shuttle to teach. Twenty five years later, Christa's unprecedented courage has left an indelible mark on me as a teacher.
  • The Snow that Jack Built
    Cozy up with a cup of cocoa and read up on the coolest neighbor one could ever have! "The Snow that Jack Built" is a light-hearted yarn inspired by the heaviest of seasons: winter.

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