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Lisa Stover

Lisa S. is a freelance writer who has been published on numerous quality websites with topics ranging from health articles to local interest pieces.

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  • Easy Tips for it Girl
    It Girl has become one of the most popular games on Facebook, and with these simple tips you can rule this game!
  • The Easiest Ways to Save Money
    Read this list to find out what you’re not doing to save money!
  • 6 Things Pittsburgh is Known For
    From sports teams to the first polio vaccine, Pittsburgh is known for many things but can you guess what tops this list?
  • Relief for Sinus Headaches
    A sinus headache can be extremely painful, luckily there are very simple and cheap ways to ease the pain.
  • Shattered and Broken like Glass
    When your partner cheats on you it's hard to know whether to leave or stay. It's painful to know that the one you love has been unfaithful and has betrayed you in the most hurtful way. So again, do you leave or stay?
  • 5 Things About My Fiance that Irritates Me!
    I love my fiance to death but there are some things about him that I just can't stand!
  • Migraine Relief Without a Prescription
    If you are prone to migraines then you know that you can either get a prescription or suffer with the pain. Well here are some things that you can try that do work and will not cost you an arm and a leg.
  • To Kill a Child
    A poem that deals with emotional abuse inflicted on a small child by her own family.
  • She and He
    She loved him and he loved her, he just wasn't as good at it as she was.
  • Rules for Girls on a Tight Budget
    We all want to look good but sometimes we just can't afford to, this is where I come in...
  • Women VS Women
    Modern Bitches, when did we all start hating each other and praying for one another's failure? "Mean Girls" has nothing on real women!
  • Some Thoughts on Men Who Cheat for the Women They Cheat On
    Let's have a discussion, some girl talk. The topic for tonight: Cheating Men! Everyone's least and favorite subject. Do you want to hear what I think? Read On!!
  • Not Too Late
    Domestic abuse is more common than you might think and a child growing up in an abusive home, whether or not they themselves were abused, is more likely to experience abusive relationships. This is one women's story:

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