Alden Loveshade

Alden Loveshade

Alden has worked as a professional journalist, columnist, play and movie reviewer, animal caregiver, and educator for preschoolers to college students. An eclectic with two degrees and a minor, Alden has worked on projects with Emmy Award, Tony Award, Academy Award, and Pulitzer Prize nominees and winners.
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Bachelor s Degree (summa cum laude), Associate s Degree (with distinction)


I don t believe in no-win situations


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  • Eight Reasons to Have Sex -- and Not To
    Are you ready for sexual intercourse? No one can answer that but you. Examine your feelings, beliefs, and the possible consequences, good and bad, before hand.
  • John F. Kennedy and the Second Oswald
    Was Lee Harvey Oswald the lone gunman who shot President Kennedy? Or did he conspire with "Oswald twin" Kerry Thornley, co-creator of the Discordian religion?
  • Five Ways to Sell a Pet -- or Just About Anything
    Most people take adopting a pet very seriously. Animal sellers should too. Here are some tips for both the seller and animal adopter looking for a trustworthy dealer.
  • Top 10 Things You Know About Your Pet that Are Wrong
    Sadly, many dogs, cats, birds, fish, and other pets become sick and even die because well-meaning caregivers have been told "facts" that aren't true. And these myths could mean you miss out getting a great pet that’s just right for you!
  • Top 5 Ways to Tread Water: Treading Water Could Save Your Life
    Treading water is not only good exercise and a requirement for water polo and many other water sports, it could save your life. And you can learn to tread water even if you sink like a stone!
  • Felonious Charges and My Graduation Speech
    As student government president and co-editor of the newspaper, I had worked for the students--and continually got in trouble. Now that I was in cap and gown and ready to walk into the gymnasium for commencement, what could they do? I found out.
  • The Creation of Snowman (in Two Parts)
    This poem was inspired by a photo of two sisters indoors with an artificial snowman or two. It moves well beyond that image to an outdoor snow scene completely in the poet's imagination, and discusses how sexism is formed in young girls even in play.
  • I Am an Official Lord of Sealand: Are You?
    If you became a lord or lady of Sealand, would it threaten your current citizenship? If Sealand is attacked again, would you have to supply troops?
  • Texas Pirate Festival 2011: Pirates, Singers, Belly Dancers, Steampunk, and Goats' Milk Soap
    Where can you be attacked by pirates firing a real cannon, watch belly dancing, buy goats' milk soap and garb and staves and jewelry and turkey legs and a steampunk portable guitar mixer, and drink free beer with cheap admission? Middlefaire!
  • No Long-Haired Boys Allowed
    Can a school district that claims to not discriminate on the basis of sex punish boys with long hair but not girls? Some Texas school districts say "yes." Kenneth Fails and Taylor Hugh have both received suspensions because of their hair.
  • How Did the Gideon Bible Get in My Room?
    The Gideons are not a church and there are no "Gideon Bibles." The Gideons have been served lawsuits and arrested in America for distributing religion literature in public schools. But they have also received worldwide support.
  • America's Largest Sex Discrimination Case Reaches Supreme Court
    America's largest sex discrimination lawsuit claims Wal-Mart discriminates against women employees, promoting and paying men more. America's largest employer denied any corporate-level discrimination, and said each case should be handled individually.
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  • Christian Genocide
    Would Jesus of Nazareth approve of the United States attacking other nations without provocation and destroying non-believers? I found out how the members of one Christian fundamentalist Sunday school class answered that question, and it shocked me.

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