Yahoo Certification

The Contributor Academy offers three levels of core education, each addressing an important aspect of content creation for the Web. You can take each course on your own time, and track your progress along the road to certification. As you master each level, you’ll pick up a series of profile badges that show what you know.

  • Level One

    Learn to use Yahoo! Contributor Network to publish content, earn money, and more.

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  • Level Two

    Learn how to create top-notch Web content that visitors will be eager to read and share.

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  • Level Three

    Learn how to draw more visitors to your library with ethical, transparent content promotion.

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Benefits of Graduation

Academy graduates are the trusted content creators that Yahoo editors look to first when offering special assignments and other exclusive opportunities. As you level up, you’ll develop a variety of valuable skills. After you pass all three levels, you’ll get a shiny purple profile badge that tells the world you’re a Yahoo-certified content creator.

After graduating from Level Three, you can continue the fun and learning with our Academy Electives. Check back often – we publish new electives all the time!